Names, Meanings & Pictures of White Stones

When asked to think of a white gemstone, diamonds are usually the first ones we imagine. But there are many others to choose from, each with its own individual properties.

In the gemstone industry, white gemstones also refer to colourless stones. These stones are particularly popular as diamond substitutes because they’re often so much cheaper. If you’re curious about the many white gems that aren’t diamonds, we’ve compiled a list of those that sparkle just as brightly!

White Cat’s Eye Moonstone

White Cats Eye Moonstone

White cat’s eye moonstones vary from transparency to opaqueness. They also exhibit chatoyancy, a reflection of light that resembles the animal feature they get their name from. It is a rare occurrence, which is what makes this white gem so spectacular.

White Cat’s Eye Moonstone Meaning and Properties

This stone is a grounding one, so it’s supposed to be very effective at providing protective energy. Some say it not only dispels unwanted energy from the wearer’s aura, but it also amplifies fortune and good luck too. For this reason, it’s a popular choice with those needing a little good fortune in their lives. White cat’s eye moonstones may also increase your focus, inner vision, and mental clarity, so it’s useful when dealing with tasks that require these skills.

White Cat’s Eye Moonstone Special Occasions

Moonstones are the birthstone for June and are also the traditional gift for couples celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary. The striking luminescence of these gemstones makes them the perfect focal point for many different types of jewellery.

White Topaz

White topaz is the purest form of the topaz gemstones and offers a dazzling display. It is another excellent stand-in for diamonds thanks to its exceptional look and overall affordability.

White Topaz Meaning and Properties

As one of the most reasonably priced gemstones out there, white topaz brings with it the energies of hope, inspiration, love, and peace. This makes it a great gift for yourself or someone you care about. This dynamic stone is said to expand our thought processes and increase our yearning for knowledge while also boosting self-confidence and encouraging spiritual growth.

White Topaz Special Occasions

Topaz is the November birthstone and blue topaz in particular ties to the 4th wedding anniversary. White, or pure, topaz carries connotations of purity and associations with the new life of spring.

White Diamonds


The hardest organic substance on earth, white diamonds are prized for their brilliance and remain the most famous type of this gemstone family. Interestingly, the name comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning invincible.

White Diamond Meaning and Properties

This durable gemstone is a true symbol of endless love. It’s also said to bestow purifying energy on the wearer and protects them from evil and malice.

White Diamond Special Occasions

Diamonds are the April birthstone and, due to their connection with love immemorial, make the perfect gift for someone you care about. They are also the traditional 60th wedding anniversary gift thanks to Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, held in 1897!

White Scolecite

White scolecite is one of the crystals with the highest vibrations. It’s believed to be a very powerful communication tool, especially when dealing with the spirit world. Some say this stone awakens the heart as it resonates with all the chakras from the heart up. It is said to facilitate feelings of inner peace and make spiritual transformation easier.

White Scolecite Meaning and Properties

Some people believe this white crystal will help with manifesting everything you desire into your life. It is used as a resource for people struggling to take, or regain, control of their lives.

White Scolecite Special Occassions

White scolecite isn’t associated with a particular birthday month or wedding anniversary. However, it is believed to embody deeply spiritual love, making it a great gemstone choice for a wedding or anniversary gifts. People report feeling it almost tangibly flow through them from the first moment they start interacting with this stone.

White Howlite

White howlite gets its name from a Canadian chemist, geologist, and mineralogist named Henry How, who discovered it in 1868. This borate mineral from the northernmost Americas looks much like marble or porcelain, albeit with an extra lustre.

White Howlite Meaning and Properties

This beautiful white stone represents spiritual qualities like open-mindedness, stillness, and tenderness.

White Howlite Special Occasions

While not linked to any birth month, astrological star sign, or wedding anniversary, White Howlite is associated with the third eye and crown chakras. They are also useful in meditation and for people interested in finding out more about their past lives.

White Coral

Beads from corals

White coral gemstones come from a natural coral that is closely related to what builds underwater reefs! These seabed formations can become as deep as 500 feet and include fascinating caverns and crevices. This gemstone can be particularly meaningful for ocean-lovers.

White Coral Meaning and Properties

White coral is said to promote the healing of wounds to the heart and can help wearers overcome past sorrow. It also bids farewell to invisible, unwanted guests like anxiety, sadness, and even terror. These white stones are believed to bestow the courage and power to live in the present moment and remove worry about the future.

White Coral Special Occasions

According to Western astrology, white coral is the birthstone for Librans and Taureans. Coral is also the traditional gift for the 35th wedding anniversary.

White Sapphire

White sapphire is one of the first choices when it comes to substitutes for diamonds because of its exceptional durability and dazzling beauty. It’s also very affordable and available in a large range of quantities, shapes, and sizes.

White Sapphire Meaning and Properties

White sapphires are said to honour the higher mind, developing the wearer’s intuition and intellectual clarity. Worn since ancient times for good fortune, protection, and spiritual insight, these gemstones are great for adding a bit of luck, staying safe, and connecting with your higher self all at once!

White Sapphire Special Occasions

Sapphire is the September birthstone. It’s also the traditional gift for the 45th wedding anniversary, which is why it’s called ‘The Sapphire Anniversary”. Because sapphire indicates successful love, giving a sapphire ring as a gift is a true testament to a couple’s commitment to one another.

White Opal

Silver ring with white opal gemstone on pearl background

The value of a white opal gemstone is determined not just by the colour saturation but also by the play of saturation and transparency. These stones range from being totally translucent to completely opaque, with the former being more expensive. Their vitreous lustre is what sets them apart.

White Opal Meaning and Properties

People believe that white opals make your feelings clearer to you and may heal disordered, chaotic energy. They are also said to improve an unstable flow of luck, so remember to pack them in when next you’re off to enjoy a game of chance! They can also transform negative energy into positive power.

White Opal Special Occasions

Opals are the October birthstone and the 34th wedding anniversary present. While the latter is traditionally blue, there is no reason you can’t change the rules if you want to! Their iridescent shimmer and stunning lustre make them the perfect choice if you’re that way inclined.

White Zircon

Although it’s not the most popular gemstone on the market, white zircon is becoming more well-known and remain as valuable as ever. They possess exceptional brilliance and durability. In its purest form, zircon is white or colourless and appears in a wide range of colour due to impurities.

White Zircon Meaning and Properties

White zircon is the gemstone to have on you when you’re in need of good fortune! It is used to protect wearers from harmful energies emitted by the weaker planets in their horoscopes. It is believed to bring luck and wealth to its owner, boosts positive energies, and even protect from nightmares while aiding in good sleep.

White Zircon Special Occasions

Because of their similarities, white zircon is a fabulous choice for the 60th wedding anniversary instead of diamonds.

White Quartz

geological natural crystalline mineral white quartz stone

White quartz is widely available. It’s also highly durable, and able to withstand both chemical and natural weathering. This makes it a very hardy natural gemstone well-suited to many different types of jewellery and suitable for everyday use.

White Quartz Meaning and Properties

White quartz wearers are said to be able to absorb the negativity around them, neutralising them, and releasing the negative energy  back into the environment. If you, or someone you know, is having an issue with people jealous or envious of your, or their, success, perhaps wearing white quartz will guard you against this.

White Quartz Special Occasions

White quartz is a wonderful substitute for diamonds so you could use it this way as the April birthstone. While not specified as an anniversary gift, it makes for some very lovely pieces, including items like clocks along with jewellery. There’s a lot to work with if you want to give it as a present.

Keep White Gemstones in Mind

White stones look amazing, whether they have a milkier colour or are totally translucent like colourless crystals and diamonds. Whenever you’re buying precious and semi-precious stones for jewellery or luck, don’t forget about these gorgeous gems!

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