New Fendi-Inglesina Pequin strollers

The renowned Italian fashion house Fendi teamed up with the guys from Inglesina once again to design a stylish, limited edition line of luxury strollers, perfect for parents with refined taste. These two companies have started working together last year when they’ve launched the stroller collection at Harrods but the new Penguin stroller, as its called, it’s even better.

The Fendi-Inglesina Pequin stroller will infuse class into your toddler’s universe, built with extreme attention to stitching detail and a keen ergonomic eye to make the padding soft and snug for the baby. The Fendi logo has been deconstructed and worked into the geometric pattern of the stroller by Joseph Hoffman.

The stroller is not only designed with style in mind, but it also has exceptional durability. It’s going to be available in two versions, black and beige, each of them amazing for the baby, for the parents and for anyone who gets to see it.

[Via – Deluxeblog]

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