New HTML5 Responsive WordPress Gallery Plugin Improves Default Gallery

Although there are lot of nice gallery plugins out there, the truth is that the default built-in gallery for WordPress is actually fairly nice. It’s simple, it’s clean-looking, and it gives you easy control over things such as the number of columns, the order of the images, what type of page the images link to, and more. (See How to Insert a WordPress Photo Gallery for exact instructions on inserting a gallery.)

Because the default WordPress gallery is nice, a lot of people decide to just roll with it. The problem with this is that the default gallery does not always display in the most optimal of ways when it comes to mobile devices. Even if you have a responsive theme, sometimes there can still be improvements made. And that’s exactly what the JM HTML5 Responsive Gallery plugin was built to do.

This plugin has no settings to configure or buttons to push. Simply activate it, and it replaces the default WordPress gallery markup with HTML5, as well as some responsive CSS.

Below we’ll run through a few tests we made to show you how it can change the look of your default WordPress galleries.

(Note: This plugin may interact differently with your theme. You will need to test it on various different screens.)

Testing on a Non-Responsive Theme

This test was done with a smartphone on a theme that was NOT responsive. Keep in mind that you would be looking at a small screen here.

Here’s what the gallery looks like on a smartphone WITHOUT the plugin activated.


And here’s what the gallery looks like on a smartphone WITH the plugin activated. The bigger images make for better viewing and easier tapping if you should want to zoom in.


* It should be noted that testing on a full-sized screen with this theme, even though there was obviously space for a multi-column gallery, the plugin changed the gallery to a single column style (like the image directly above on the smartphone). However, the plugin did NOT do this with another theme. Therefore, it seems that it interacts differently with different themes. You will need to try it out for yourself on your own theme to see if you’re happy with the results for all different types of screens.


Testing on a Responsive Theme

Next, I tested the plugin on the default Twenty Twelve theme, which is a responsive theme. Again, keep in mind that you would be looking at a small screen here.

Here’s what it looks like without the plugin.


And here’s the gallery with the plugin activated. Again, it makes it easier to both see the photos without zooming, and it makes it easier to tap on photos if you’d like to zoom in on one.


And last, I tested the plugin on the Twenty Twelve responsive theme with a full-sized monitor. Although it didn’t change the look dramatically, notice that the plugin did still affected the look of the gallery even though the theme was already responsive and it was on a full-sized monitor.

Again, you can find the JM HTML5 Responsive Gallery plugin here.