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Those two words—”shipping fee”—make everyone second-guess their online purchases. Personally, I always end up not buying said item, or, in most cases, adding something else to my cart so I can hit that minimum spending limit for free shipping. Luckily, it seems like retailers, big and small, know this: Most websites will offer free shipping for a limited time or some other incentive to ease the pain of having to pay the fees.

Pro tip: One of my favorite ways to get around retailers that charge shipping fees is to have them ship that item to a store near me for in-person pick-up. (If the item doesn’t work out, you can return it right there and then—convenient and efficient.) But you can also refer to the list below that outlines all the retailers that offer free shipping. From Coach and Kate Spade New York to Nordstrom, here are the online shopping sites that don’t charge fees and/or provide agreeable alternatives to make your checkout process easier.

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