Organize WordPress Posts in the Dashboard with Post Status Colors

If you are a power-posting WordPress administrator or blogger, it can get confusing to look at the post listing page in the dashboard and see posts of every possible publishing status sharing the same space. Seeing everything tossed into the same bin can get absolutely maddening for organized personalities. If you are the type of person who enjoys organizing and keeping things nicely arranged in your work space, then you will want to add today’s featured plugin, Colored Admin Post List.

Default post status colors
Default post status colors

Get your thoughts together and get your posts organized with this plugin, which allows you to highlight the background of draft, pending, future, private a published posts. You will be able to easily pick out your day’s editing work, or quickly sight future posts to avoid double booking. It’s especially useful with multi-author WordPress blogs that are constantly pumping out new content.

Color selector makes it quick and easy to choose color options

The best part of all is that Colored Admin Post List allows you to select the color palette, so you don’t have to be shackled to seeing what may be one man’s rainbow but another man’s eyesore. Define your own colors and start truly enjoying this visual organization tool. Match the colors to your WordPress theme or grab some inspiration from a site such as

Installation is simple, just download and unzip, or hit the “install” button in your WordPress dashboard to get started. Colored Admin Post List is available for free from the WordPress plugin repository and works with WordPress 3.5+.

Are you the kind of admin that has to have law and order in your dashboard? Comment and let us know your favorite way to stay organized in WordPress.