Paris Mansion (Palace) Listed for Sale at $140 Million

140 Million Paris Palace

An incredible private mansion located on the renowned Avenue Foch from Paris has been listed for sale at $140 million, making it the second most expensive residential property in the world. The private palace is just behind the $150 million Spelling Manor in Beverly Hills.

The ultra exclusive mansion was built in 1912 for the Duchesse de Montmorency and represents an extremely rare opportunity to buy one of the last great private houses in Paris. After the Duchesse died in 1927, the estate was bought by mining tycoon and famed art collector Antrenor Patino.

With a 28,000 sq-ft interior, 12 bedrooms and 12 baths along with four staff apartments, this property is just as big as a palace. Many elements of its rich decor come from older mansions and are of historical importance, elements like a 18th century wood paneling, scored of marble fireplaces and a museum-like ceiling in the enormous dining room.

This property is being offered by Christie’s Great Estates affiliate Daniel Feau.


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