Perfect for Snack Attacks Around the Campfire

Next, let’s introduce you to a moderately sized option from Coleman. This cooler has a 70-quart capacity and holds up to 100 cans. It comes with strong insulated walls that offer 5 days of ice retention in heat as much as 90 degrees.

On the lid, you’ll find four cup holders, which is nice for creating extra space and seating for around the fire.

The handles are no crush handles, so it helps prevent injury when carrying heavy drinks, food, and ice.

A frequent downside we see in a lot of these coolers is the lack of wheels on them. With a fully packed cooler, it would be challenging for one person to carry this, especially because of its size.

This one is more in the budget price range, so we assume that is why they have not included wheels as a standard option, but it would be nice to see.

Overall, customers say this is a reliable and durable cooler that can hold ice for five days. If you’re a hunter or camper traveling with a buddy, you’ll want to check out this option.

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