Piaget unveils the Biennale des Antiquaires collection

Already a fabled worldwide power in haute horlogerie, Piaget is once again demonstrating that the name comes with tradition and an extremely high level of skill. They’re bringing some bling into this world with the Biennale des Antiquaires – their newest collection, which includes 12 high jewelry timepieces and 59 units of high-end jewelry.

Reportedly the largest collection the brand has ever crafted, the Biennale des Antiquaires proves that the specialists from Piaget are not to be trifled with, capable of going beyond their usual field. They have based the entire collection on feminine seduction, in a plethora of ways, such as tassels, ribbons, laces and corsets.

They’ve made extensive, good use of white diamonds, black spinels, gold and red rubellites to add an aura of mystique to the collection. We’re now going to take a few of the pieces and shortly describe them.

The Couture Precieuse necklace resembles a lace and has been encrusted with 1513 brilliant cut diamonds, 4 pear shaped diamonds, 133 baguette cut diamonds and 11 rose cut diamonds.

Another necklace, the Couture Precieuse “Radiant Laces Inspiration”, has been set with 298 brilliant cut diamonds, along with two pear-shaped diamonds and confers a rather elegant, curvy impression around the neck.

The Couture Precieuse Exceptional cuff watch is a jewel that might be missed its purpose. The watch is hidden by the bracelet, on the inside of the wrist, so that the wearer checks on the hour without being noticed.

The Couture Precieuse cuff watch “Diamond Embroidery Inspiration”, another exquisite piece, has been set with 69 brilliant cut diamonds, while the snowy-like dial has been encrusted with 331 brilliant cut diamonds. Piaget’s advanced skills in chain-making are easily visible in the mesh cuff, which perfectly wraps around the woman’s delicate wrist.

In our opinion the most opulent piece in the entire collection – the Piaget Couture Precieuse ring was crafted from 18-carat white gold bearing 1 oval-cut rubellite weighing approximately 13.23 carats. In addition, it has been encrusted with 120 brilliant cut diamonds, totaling 1.27 carats.

There are a lot more pieces within this collection, but taking each one of them and describing it would be folly. We’ve seen earrings, rings and necklaces, all conceived by Piaget in their incredibly beautiful way – proofs of femininity and beauty.


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