Porto Zante Villas & Spa on the Splendid Island of Zakynthos

Porto Zante Villas & Spa is a small luxury hotel located on the stunning island of Zakynthos, one of the most popular destinations in all of Greece.

Each of the villas that make up the resort is a very comfortable and luxurious hideaway, offering breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea, as well as access to the beach and to all of the resort’s top-notch facilities. These include The Club House Restaurant and The Club House Bar, where guests can enjoy a wide variety of excellent dishes and fine drinks, but also a marvelous spa, perfect for spending a few hours of unfettered relaxation.

Those willing to venture just a bit farther won’t be disappointed, since there’s plenty to explore on the island itself, as well as in the waters around it, most notably the magnificent Blue Caves and the picturesque Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach or Smugglers` Cove.

However you decide to spend your time, the decision to stay at Porto Zante Villas & Spa is already a great one – you’ll probably be fine from then on, either way!

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