Powerful New Urbanite Headphones by Sennheiser

Sennheiser is introducing the powerful new Urbanite headphones, available as the on-ear Urbanite or the over-ear urbanite XL.

Just as their name suggests, these distinctly urban headphones deliver powerful bass beats and the high quality audio the company is known for. Underscoring its focus on street style, the German brand is collaborating with Singapore-based SUP Clothing in order to launch the series locally.

The joint effort is set to involve a six-week social media campaign meant to identify and engage with potential customers with a distinctive urban style and a certain versatility about it. Participants get the chance to receive sets of fully styled outfits along with the main prize: the Sennheiser Urbanite headphones.

According to Tim Voelker, the company’s Director Sales and Marketing Consumer, the new headphones were designed for discerning young people who like music as much as they like to look good while listening to it. As Sennheiser’s representative explains, this perfect mix of style and technical quality is exactly what the Urbanite headphones offer.

[Luxury Insider]

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