Prince Charles Apparently Wants Camilla to Be Queen, Not Princess

When Prince Charles ascends to the throne, the current plan is for his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, to become Princess consort.

However, there have long been rumors that the heir apparent wants her to become Queen consort instead—rumors that royal biographer Robert Lacey has recently corroborated. What’s more, apparently Prince Charles’ two sons, William and Harry, are tired of their dad campaigning for Parker-Bowles to be given this higher honor.

“Privately I discovered both brothers are absolutely sick to the back teeth of Charles trying to negotiate full Queen status for Camilla,” Lacey told Newsweek.

2005: Camilla Parker Bowles

(Image credit: Anwar Hussein)

Although the wife of a king of the United Kingdom is typically afforded the title of Queen consort, there are PR issues surrounding the Waleses’ marriage that mean it felt like a more prudent choice to reserve the title of Princess for Parker-Bowles for when her husband becomes King.

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