Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Left Royal Family for the “Same Reason” Harry’s Relationships Ended

Before Meghan Markle “just tripped and fell into my life,” as Prince Harry put it—the Duke says he knew right away that Meghan was “the one,” and they fell in love “so incredibly quickly”—Harry had two major relationships. Most famously, there was Chelsy Davy, who dated Harry on and off for seven years during their twenties. Afterwards, Harry fell for Cressida Bonas, and they dated for two years. Both relationships reportedly ended, in part, because neither woman wanted the pressure of marrying into the royal family. Their fears about joining the royal family mirror some of Harry and Meghan’s reasons for leaving it, royal commentator Julie Montagu (full title: Viscountess Hinchingbrooke Julie Montagu) pointed out in an interview for the UK’s Channel 5 documentary Harry and Meghan: Three Troubled Years.

Said Montagu: “If you look back at Harry’s prior relationships, neither of those girls wanted to commit and now you’re wondering: Is that the exact same reason that Harry and Meghan have now left? Because of these exact reasons these two prior girlfriends did not want to marry into the Royal Family.”

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