PS5 console sales top 10 million, says Sony. Don’t have it yet? Here’s what to do

PS5 console sales have officially topped 10 million, according to Sony and its latest sales figures this week. But news of this record-breaking achievement doesn’t tell the whole story nor does it answer how to buy the hard-to-find PlayStation 5 during the occasional PS5 restock dates.

Not part of the PS5 10 million sold club? Here’s advice

  1. Stop trying to buy PS5 Digital: Seriously stop trying to save $100 on a console that’s always out of stock faster than PS5 Disc and will cost you more money in the long run (disc games get cheaper faster). Sony isn’t making PS5 Digital nearly enough.
  2. Give in and get a PS5 bundle: Standalone consoles are targeted by resellers, who can easily turn a profit off of a $499 PS5 Disc console by selling it for $800 or more. People refusing bundles are often the ones who have to wait the longest, but it’s fine if everything includes is at face value. 
  3. Don’t buy from other Twitter users: They’re all scams. No one will sell a PS5 for just $550 (they’d be losing money if you think about it).

Here’s the expanded version of our three proven ways to overcome the “shortage” of PS5 consoles that are leaving you feeling shorted – even though Sony called the PlayStation 5 its “fastest-selling console to date.”

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