Putting the Competition to Shame

What are its main features?

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler has a few very convenient extra features. One of these is its sturdy “Have a Seat” lid, which can support up to 250 pounds. This ensures you always have a place to sit during your adventures.

Additionally, this lid has a smooth texture that makes it easy to clean. Just wipe it down real fast, and you’ll be ready for the next trip.

Furthermore, this cooler features No Crush handles that stop before they can pinch your fingers. This makes the cooler exceptionally easy to carry. Finally, the cooler has four convenient cup holders molded into the lid.

How is its ice retention?

Naturally, this is the main thing you want to learn in a Coleman Xtreme Cooler review. As mentioned before, this cooler promises to keep your ice cold for five days at a time. But of course, you can’t always take the manufacturer’s word for it.

That said, this cooler comes shockingly close to hitting this goal. On average, it only misses the five-day mark by a few hours.

As you’ll probably expect, the Coleman Xtreme’s ice retention doesn’t truly compare to more expensive brands. But for the price, it stays cold for a decent amount of time. Odds are, you’ll be able to use it for a weekend trip at the very least.

To see for yourself how long this cooler can last, check out this video.

Is it durable?

Sadly, this is where the Coleman Xtreme starts to show its limitations. Simply put, it’s just not as durable as many of the other coolers on the market.

Unlike more expensive coolers, this cooler doesn’t have a rubber seal around the lid. Because of this, it’s not airtight or leakproof.

The handles are flimsy and likely to break under too much pressure. Also, almost every Coleman Xtreme Cooler review complains about the drain plug’s design. It’s poor quality, and it’s positioned too high to drain water effectively.

On the bright side, the lid really can support up to 250 pounds. But in terms of general durability, the Coleman Xtreme falls far short of the competition.

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