Redirect WordPress Users to Your Homepage from the Login Screen

Redirect WordPress Users to Your Homepage from the Login ScreenThis may well take the prize as being the shortest WPMU post ever. I deliberated as to whether or not it deserved a post of its own, but I realized that the fact that I will struggle to pad this article out isn’t necessarily a good argument as to whether or not I should write it.

My point is, Redirect to Homepage does one simple thing, but it’s a useful thing. So it deserves featuring. When a user logins into your site, this plugin will point them to your blog’s homepage, not the WordPress dashboard. If the makeup of your site is such that directing users to your homepage makes more sense than sending them to the dashboard (which might confuse them), Redirect to Homepage is the plugin for you.

Sites under construction are a good example of how this plugin could be effectively utilized. You will of course want to give your clients access to the ongoing development works, but it would be far better for them to be directed straight to the site when they login, as opposed to the dashboard.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Michael Casey