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We know that you’re still keeping waiting for No Game No Life Season 2, and no doubt you’re furious since there is no reliable news on the subject. And of course, most of medial outlets promise you that No Game No Life Season 2 release date is confirmed and you should only wait a bit.

As a result, the first thing we want you to know that there is no official confirmation of No Game No Life Season 2, say nothing of a specific release date. All the data you have ever heard or read on the subject are nothing but fake news or guess-work of their authors. So once you have got rid of fake news, let’s now talk about the possibility of renewal.

Will There Be No Game No Life Season 2?

Will There Be No Game No Life Season 2

There are also rumors that No Game No Life was canceled because the author was caught plagiarizing. That’s fake news. The “plagiarizing” incident happened years ago, and since then both the movie (NGNL Zero) and 5 more novels have been published. The author has had health problems that put his work on hold but have confirmed he is working on Volume 11 at the moment. Volume 10 released in 2018.

As for the incident it came down to trace 4 or 5 poses as the base for his novel illustrations without permission from the original artists. He apologized (and The Storify News Times say he paid a small compensation to the affected artists) and went on with business as usual. Some people believe that as a result of these conflicts, Madhouse decided to step away from the series and pursue other projects Overlord Season 4, One Punch Man.

Tamura joined the Reddit AMA primarily to discuss The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 anime, which is his latest project. So, when he was asked about the chances for KonoSuba Season 3, Re:Zero Season 3.

Despite all of this, there have never been any official statements about the show’s future, but studios very rarely announce that an anime has been canceled even if they never intend on continuing it. Because of this, fans continue to keep their hopes up that No Game No Life could come back. With so much great material and an already huge fanbase, it seems like a waste not to take advantage of it and keep the story going. Fans will just have to keep waiting and see.

We will look into the present factors of the anime such as Popularity, Source Material, Profit, and sales which can provide us enough information about the possibility of No Game No Life Season 2 being released.

No Game No Life Season 2 Factors

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

Factor #1: Popularity

There is no point in making a sequel if the series is not popular enough among anime lovers. The last episode of No game No life was aired in 2014, since then it did saw a significant loss in the fanbase as there was no material to maintain the interest.

Thankfully, its movie brought back a lot of life. Merchandise is doing very well in the market on its own and the number of google searches is still good even after 6 years of the first season.

Factor #2: Source Material

There is a total of 10 Light novel volumes for No Game No Life out of which the first season adapted Volume 1-3 in 2014. The movie adapted the whole book 6 that is a prequel that means there are at least 6 volumes left to be adapted in the anime. The thing that concerns us all is that there is no new release since 2018 which might come in the way of the No Game No Life season 2.

Factor #3: Sales and Profit

In terms of sales and profit, No Game No Life is doing surprisingly well. Light novels and Blu-Ray’s might have seen a downfall in sales, but its Merchandise is going strong to date. There are new additions in the merchandise after the movie which boosted the sale and profit. The movie has grossed about ¥700 million, which is equal to $6.3 million in USD. Not a bad result for another anime film. So, talking about the commercial value of the franchise, it looks budding and even promising.

On the other hand, the tenth volume of the original light novel series was issued on January 25, 2018. And such a fact gives us hope.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

We still have a lot of questions like – Will Sora and Shiro battle the other races of Disboard? and Will they succeed in defeating the God of games Teto? Answers can only be disclosed in the No Game No Life Season 2. We can always read the light novels which are the original source of this anime series but where is the fun in that?

Although there has been no No Game No Life season 2, a prequel movie called No Game No Life: Zero was released in 2017. The film is based on the sixth volume of the light novel series and produced by Madhouse, the same studio that did the 2014 anime series. Set 6000 years before the events of No Game No Life.

Given all the data presented above, we still have to keep hoping. There still remains a chance for No Game No Life Season 2. The official confirmation of the 2nd season must follow soon. Once Madhouse (Hunter X Hunter Season 7, Btooom Season 2) reveals their decision on renewal, we will update this page.

Characters, Cast & Staff of No Game No Life

No Game No Life Season 2 Characters

I. Characters & Cast

Character Cast
Sora Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Shiro Ai Kayano
Stephanie Dola Youko Hikasa
Jibril Yukari Tamura
Tet Rie Kugimiya

Sora: is the main male protagonist of the No Game No Life series and the cunning and manipulative half of the siblings.

Shiro: is the main female protagonist of the No Game No Life series and the calm and calculative half of the siblings.

Jibril: is the youngest and strongest of the Flügel race. Her love for knowledge started even before the declaration of the Ten Covenants. She opposes the book sharing law created by the Council of Eighteen Wings and left Avant Heim, her homeland, to win the National Library of Elkia from the previous king in a game.

Tet: is the One True God and resides in a king chess piece. He assumed the title after the eternal war which he won after he obtained the Suniaster before any of the other gods and surpassed their strength despite not participating in the war at all. Tet does not belong to any of the 16 races although the closest affiliation to him would be Immanity.

Stephanie Dola: Steph is the granddaughter of the Former King of Immanity. After the king’s death, she gambled to become the next queen of the country. Although she was forced by the pledges to fall in love with Sora after losing a game to him, she has since developed feelings for him despite denying these feelings on a consistent basis.

Schwi Dola: nicknamed Schwi and later re-designated Preier/Prayer, was the first Ex-Machina to be introduced in Tet’s story told to Izuna. In the story, she seeks to understand the human [heart] and was found by Riku.

Riku Dola: being designated as “Spieler” (German for Player) by Ex-Machina, was an 18 years old Immanity who lived during the Great War on Disboard. He was one of the main protagonists in Tet’s story.

II. Production Team

Director Atsuko Ishizuka
Series Composition Jukki Hanada
Original Creator Yuu Kamiya (light novel)
Original Character Design Yuu Kamiya
Sound Director Jin Aketagawa

Where To Watch No Game No Life

Watch No Game No Life on:


As per the above information, we can make out that the source material is the one to blame here. No game No life is making a lot of money till now and has not lost its popularity, but lack of the source material is what causing the problem here.

There are 10 volumes of the light novels, the latest one being a prequel story but according to us they can be enough to make a whole new season. But as there is no new Volume in the last 2 years, maybe Kadokawa does not want to spend money on a series that has nothing new to promote.

According to some reports, the author of this series is facing some health issues and that is why the release speed is so slow. They did a good thing in making a prequel movie that kept the franchise alive and helped it make a huge profit.

If you’ve any other questions, do let us know in the comments section below.

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