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Sam Ovens from runs international ads targeted towards a young generation of passionate men & women. He offers to help them become millionaires and deca-millionaires for a small price of a few thousand dollars. Right? Or is he just after the “few thousand dollars”?

Short answer: He just wants a few thousand dollars from you, after that, he will try to convert you into become an affiliate for his company (just like how an MLM scam works).

Long answer, well, I spent 40 hours on it, and this review is the long answer.

You might be wondering “Is Sam Ovens A Scam?”, or, “Is Worth It?”. I’m here to answer all such questions. By the end of this read, you will know everything there is to know about Sam Ovens & The good and the bad.

If you’re a big Sam Ovens fan or think that I’m just a troll who’s hungry for attention, then please give this review a read. It might change your perception of Sam Ovens.

For people in a hurry, please read the “How Sam Ovens Scam Operates: Manipulation, Sales Funnel, Cash Flow, And Partnerships” section directly, where I expose how the whole scam operates

What Sam Ovens Claims To Be (Who is Sam Ovens?)

Sam’s back story is part-truth and part-false. The claims about being from a “middle-class family” and the classic garage entrepreneur ploy is utter non-sense.

Sam Ovens founded and SnapInspect. He primarily sells an exorbitant course called Consulting Accelerator training. On his website he claism that his course has produced around 25 millionaires and approximately 500 six-figure income earning individuals. These are some extreme claims and there is no proof of these successes, however in the fake guru business, that’s how things are.

The backstory that Sam Ovens claims to have is absolutely cliche and quite honestly, hard to believe. He claims to be from a middle-class family where he was not given any oppertuniiteis to become rich. Sam claims that he was brought up in New Zealand in a working class family.

This is the career trajectory claimed by Sam Ovens:

  • A job at Vodafone (well-paying)
  • Quit the job at moved back to his parent’s house and ran his business from the “garage”
  • Started multiple businesses and failed (PromoteYourself and ToTheDesk)
  • Started SnapInspect and got success
  • Started providing Digital Marketing services to businesses to facilitate money
  • Launched Consulting Accelerator and earned $20 Million
  • Launched and released Consulting Accelerator 2.0

This pretty much sums up the question how Sam Ovens got rich.

The first half of this trajectory is under suspicion, as fake gurus are infamous for lying about their past and they do so to sell the idea that they weren’t born in wealth and they worked hard for their money. While in reality, this is most often not the case.

Fake gurus know that if people knew the truth about them, they won’t spend their life-savings on their courses.

If you Google Sam Ovens net worth, you will see a featured snippet from JacobMcMilllen dot com which shows it to be $65 Million. Now, unless you’ve been thorhoughly brainwashed by the propoganda advertisments and webinars of Sam, you will realize that this is an absolutely fake number.

Sam Ovens Net worth is NOT $65 million

You might be thinking, “Why would Sam lie about his net worth, what good does it do?”. Well, the answer is not that complicated. He takes a page from the classic MLM manipulation scams which have been running for decades. In MLM scams, sellers lie about their net worth to fool people into thinking they are successful. Because most people measure success by money, lying about your net worth can bring excellent results for a fake guru and this is precisely what Sam Ovens and other scammers like him do.

Bogus Reviews: Conflict Of Interest gives itself a 5/5 rating claiming its from their “customers” is Sam’s main venture and he rakes in millions of dollars through this company.

Customer reviews and rating of any product/service matter a lot, as people refer to these to determine whether the product/service is worth considering or even taken seriously. Companies take different measures to make sure their customers get a chance to share their expereicne online, and usually they setup business profiles on 3rd party review portals.

However, this poses a big issue for scammers like Sam Ovens, as they want to have full control over what their customers are saying about them online, that’s why Sam’s team as set up a bogus review collection of ~4000 reviews on their own website (

This is a total disaster.

No one with a sane mind can expect a company to put unadultrated reviews on the same website as they sell their flagship product which is infamous for its horrible price to return ratio.

On this section of the website, out of the 3,772 reviews, only 11 are 1-star reviews. Which is just an absurd number as by doing some simple digging we can see that actual Sam Ovens webinar students call it a scam.

Taking a deeper look at reviews, I found some real reviews on Trustpilot. However, due to the highly controversial nature of the website I cannot rely on the permanency of these reviews. So to store real reviews in a permanent manner, I’ve screenshotted them and posted them down below:

Fake DMCA Strikes To Delete Real Sam Ovens Reviews & Complaints

Sam Ovens Hates Freedom Of Speech

Sam Ovens and his team are extremely meticulous with their persence online. They have no limits to what they can do to make sure their victims don’t realize they are gettign scammed. It’s all part of the manipulation which I’ll discuss later in this report.

During my research I found some very interesting threads on

Each of these threads have thousands of views, however, they have been taken down from Reddit due to a “copyright notice”.

The first thread was exposing how Sam’s Consulting Accelerator course’s scam works. u/BSbizadvice was a self-proclaimed fake guru buster 4 years ago. This thread was soon plagued by Sam Ovens affiliate market guys and they spammed generic comments and voted them to the top.

Not only that, but these affiliates also downvoted the post to make sure the Reddit algorithms don’t recommend it to anyone.

Consulting Accelerator course review taken down by fake DMCA

If you thought this was creepy and unethical, the second thread will shock you to the core.

Sam Ovens scam

This post was made by u/bigsum around 2 years ago.

Fake DMCA is a method used by reputation agencies (often situated in Pakistan and India). They simply file a DMCA strike on articles/videos/reviews/threads that are potentially harming the reputation of their clients. This happens more often than you might realize and most of the time, these fraudsters get away with it too.
Fake DMCAs are not a prank or an innocent mistake, it is a planned criminal scheme which aims to harm freedom of speech and abuse the system for personal gains.

The user simply wanted to know if people had any opinions on Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator program. And 31 people even commented on it, giving their thoughts.

However, the thread wouldn’t have been 100% positive and praising Sam Ovens, so he and his team decided to take down the post and every single comment which was critical of Sam’s course.

You might be thinking, ‘How can he possibly do this legally?’, and I have the answer you’re looking for.

Sam Ovens scam

If you use the word mark “Sam ovens”, then sam’s team can file a copyright strike against your post and take it down

Sam Ovens and his marketing team simply sent Reddit a copyright notice for every comment on the post which had the term “Sam Ovens” in it.

Sam teaches his students how to abuse the copyright system and take the freedom of speech from your customers on the internet, I have video proof of that. This seems to be part of his “consulting”. Well, he does have experience with doing fake DMCAs and abusing the copyright system, so he can definitely pass on his knowledge to his students who paid thousands of dollars to learn how to scam people.

Fake DMCA Sam Ovens "word mark"

I explained how this works, now let’s go over why does Sam do this and how is this even legal.

Taking Down Critical Analysis & Customer Complaints

This is the most lucrative reason why Sam trademarked his own name as a work mark. He knows that the courses he sells online are horrible and don’t provide any long term value. So he undestands that they will get tons of 1-star reviews on the internet, but if that happens, everyone will realize how his scam works. So here’s what he does, he simply files a fake copyright strike to take them down from Google/YouTube.

With this method, not only is he keeping a false image of excellence, but he is also disheartening any victims of his scam. The latter is important as Sam wouldn’t want the victim to report him to the FTC, because he doesn’t want to end up like Jason Bond Picks.

I think resolving your customers’ complaints and gripes is a much better way of doing business, but shutting them off is the easier and cheaper way. And if there’s one thing Sam values the most, is his money. He wouldn’t want to spend it on naïve 20-somethings who just bought his course after seeing a random ad on the internet.

Are Fake DMCAs Illegal? Why Isn’t Sam In Jail Yet?

Yes, you can go to jail for filing false copyright claims on the internet.

However these DMCA cases don’t usually go to court because litigation is expensive and most people can’t afford a proper lawsuit. This gives a major advantage to con-artists like Sam Ovens, who have tons of money and still target middle-class youngsters for money.

Sam Ovens Affiliate Program: Basically An MLM Scam

Sam Ovens converts his students into affiliate marketers and asks them to post heavily biased reviews without revealing they are affiliates.

Sam sells online courses which have insane profit margins as he doesn’t spend any money on editors or video quality (unlike Slow Growth Academy). So he can offer some unimaginable deals like giving his courses for half the price or 30% off.

These offers are mostly available through the affiliate links that are all over the internet.

It might come as a shock to some people, but most of the affiliates that write fake reviews and testimonials for Sam, are actually people who bought a course from

The reason why Sam’s team converts these students into affiliates quite easily is because they are already heavily manipulated. These people have spent thousands of dollars on an online course which provides litttle to know value for its cost, so to avoid backlash from the students, they offer them an affiliate partnership.

Even though there are a lot of affiliate partners of which were previously students, not all the affiliates are like that.

There are actual affiliate marketers which make anonymous websites like “My Sam Ovens Review dot Com”, and then fill those websites with false reviews to get clicks.

How much do Sam Ovens affiliates earn?

It essentially varies. The more you can lie, the more you will earn, it’s that simple.

If you go to any of the websites that are being operated by Sam Oven’s affiliates, you will find a strong pattern of heavily biased content that revolves around presenting a false image of Sam & his businesses.

People who are honest, like me and you (fingers-crossed), can’t make any money by being an affiliate with

You will have to constantly lie about the quality and relevance of the courses in order to sell it. Because the actual course is just horrible. Testimonials from Coffeezilla’s videos show the truth about and if you don’t believe me, then I strongly suggest you check out his videos on Sam.

How Sam Ovens Scam Operates: scam, reviews & complaints

This is a very important section. I got in contact with some experts and some insiders at, who provided me with some critical information about the operations of this scam.

You will read a lot of great things on Sam Ovens reviews everywhere, that’s simply because it’s all part of the sales funnel. Sam has to sell you a dream and if he gets exposed as Tim Sykes has been, people won’t buy his useless program(s).

Collectively we found some really interesting things, so without any further ado, let’s dive right in:

The Luring Advertisements

The whole manipulative sales funnel starts with a series of advertisments. Usually it’s 1-3 advertimsents, all with a similar script. This idea of ads was made viral by none other than Tai Lopez, and Sam Ovens caught on to the trend as soon as he noticed it.

The infamous ad of Sam in a blue suit, standing in a rented corporate office became a meme the year it came out.

However it’s not all fun and games.

These adverts might seem like silly jokes to people who see through the lies, however there is a significant portion of the targeted audience which fall for these ads.

These are people who are usually not content with their career choices or simply don’t want to work hard at a “boring 9 to 5”.

The ads are created in such a way that you think about them even if you skip them all the time. They are very thought provoking, but in a condesending way. The advertisment will call you a failure in life if you are not making X amounts of money in your sleep.

On average a victim clicks on the ad after they’ve interacted with it at least 11 times.

When they click on the promotional button, they are taken to the landing page.

Convincing & Relatable Landing Page

This is where the magic happens.

The landing page is usually one of the most expensive and important for fake gurus like Sam Ovens and Rahul Mannan.

The job of the landing page is to convince the victim into thinking that the course is precisely waht they need in order to set their lives straight.

This is the only thing the landing page does.

Because if a person has clicked on Sam’s ad, then there’s a high chance that they are emotionally vulrable, so the copywriter tries to exploit them.

Landing pages of these fake gurus are often filled with relatable or shocking questions like “Wanna learn how I made $10,000 in 3 hours?”. This is just to grab the victim’s attention and get them to scroll further below where they will be shown fake testimonials and finally led to the purchase page.

Fake 5-Star Reviews & Testimonials

Most people will get a voice in their head saying, “This is stupid, I shouldn’t spend my rent money on a stupid course.” And people usually don’t make the purchase without doing their due diligence.

Doing the due diligence ensures they make an informed decision. So they look for other people who have already bought the course/program and look for their reviews.

After all, who would lie in a review? Right?

Well, the truth is plain ugly.

When a victim does this, they are plageud with fake reviews which are posted by Sam’s affiliates or his marketing team. The real reviews are buried so deep that they are never found.

At this point most people get fooled and they get scammed for thousands of dollars. But the scam doesn’t stop just yet.

Upselling Through Emails

Once Sam’s team realizes that someone has bought a course, they start to give them extra attention in order to get every penny out of them.

They won’t stop until they have sucked their victim dry.

They send emails of lucrative offers of other courses, which are written by manipulative copywriters.

Some of these courses are not even shown on the website and are only sold to the fools of the fools.

This is exactly how Sam makes millions of dollars every year. It’s by ruining youngsters’ lives.

File An Official Sam Ovens Complaint To FTC

You might think that you are powerless against this millionaire scam artist, but don’t let your niahlism stop you from doing the right thing.

If we don’t stop Sam as soon as possible, he will keep ruining lives of young people by giving them false hope and looting them for cash.

It is tempting to convince yourself that the money you wasted on’s trash courses is good as gone. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The FTC recently proved that the complaints victims send to them are actually heard. They have been taking down scammers left and right, if we speak up against Sam and present our case to the FTC, he will be thrown in jail as well.

We might even get our money back and then some.

We need to submit our detailed complaint to the FTC, getting in touch with a lawyer might also be a good idea, but I don’t think it is a practical one.

Report Sam Ovens To The FTC Here

Above is the link to US Government’s official FTC fraud submission link.

If we take action then even Sam’s nasty team of marketers can’t stop us from being heard!

Sam Ovens Review 2021: Verdict

Sam Ovens constantly lies about his business operations in order to create a false reputation. He is running several scams including an MLM-type recruiting scam, refund scam & false copyright strikes. is a highly unethical business, they post false 5-star reviews on their website which is a direct conflict of interest. Overall, Sam Ovens is a scammer and FTC needs to take immediate action to take him & his company down.

Real student testimonials of Consulting Accelerator & Consulting Accelerator 2.0 complain about the lack of depth and quality. However, these reviews are not shown anywhere as they drive potential victims away from Sam’s scam. Sam’s marketers either bury these reviews or take them down using unethical practices like fake DMCA strikes.

What do you think about the Sam Ovens scam? Do you think the FTC will finally wake up and arrest him, or would he roam freely in his foreign cars?

Will Sam Ovens’ affiliates spam fake reviews on more threads online or would they finally realize what they are doing with their lives?

Total Score

Sam Ovens ( lacks any morals and will do anything to get money. He deliberately targets young naïve people and manipulates them into spending thousands of dollars on his courses. He uses fake DMCAs to take down customer complaints. Consulting Accelerator is reported as an exorbitant useless course by real students & customers. Sam is just a scammer and the FTC need to take strict action against Sam Ovens &

2.9User’s score

Honesty & Transparency



  • Fake Positive Reviews
  • Fake DMCA Take Downs
  • Running An Unethical MLM Type Scheme
  • Questionable Statements

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