Shyvana Build Guide : THE BEST SHYVANA GUIDE FOR S11

Pre-Level 6

During Shyvana’s early game you don’t have dragon form, you don’t have any AP/AD/Tank items, and you don’t have any real ganking tools. This means you are essentially not a champion. If you are forced to fight, you can shoot Flame Breath that does negative damage, run quickly with Burnout, or dish out Twin Bite for negative damage. This makes you terrible in early game skermishes and you must learn how to communicate with your team that you guys lose almost all 2v2s, 3v3s, etc.

At this point of the game you have these main objectives – their importance goes in order so keep that in mind.

1.Don’t die. This is pretty obvious since dying early is pretty devastating for Shyvana, especially if the enemy jungler gets the kill on you and clears your jungle. If the enemy jungler knows anything about the game, they’ll keep on invading you at this point to put you even further behind. This is why not dying early is arguably the most important objective when playing Shyvana.

2. Get whatever farm you can without dying. Like I’ve mentioned a million times, Shyvana’s early game isn’t the best. Most games you’ll be able to do a first full clear without too many problems. But if you find yourself being invaded at your second buff and your laners being pushed under turret, it’s not the worst idea to avoid fighting & retreat safely. It really depends on the matchup, what runes & summoner spells you have, and whether your teammates are roatating to your aid. Also, don’t be afraid to punish the enemy jungler for showing themselves on the map by invading their jungle. Just make sure you know where they & their teammates are before entering their jungle.

3. Sneak the first
when you have bot and/or mid prio or when the enemy jungler dies or shows top side. Shyvana’s Dragonborn passive makes her able to solo Drakes quite fast. Just make sure to use your Oracle Lens, have your Smite ready, and ping your teammates that you’ll be prioritizing the dragon even if you won’t be requiring their help. Dragons are so important for Shyvana – so getting as many of them as you can is a top priority!

4. IF POSSIBLE try to help your team and gank when the opportunity arises. While early game Shyvana is pretty weak, it doesn’t mean you should completely ignore your team. Is the enemy bot lane extremely pushed up with low health? You may want to consider dropping by for a gank. Your mid lane mage has hard CC and can help set up a gank? Go for it! Early game Shyvana is still capable of getting kills! And even if you don’t get a kill, you can get some early stacks on Dark Harvest.

Early Human Form

When you are in human form Shyvana once you have Dragon’s Descent you have 1 goal:


That’s it! If you farm every time you don’t have rage then look for a gank when you do, you will be extremely efficient. You should almost never gank without 100% rage because Shyvana is only 1/2 a champ without her dragon form.

Obviously think about the current situation, but that concept should be the main thing on your mind. You are not useless in human form at this point of the game, but you are not strong either. You are “below average”. The way you fight as human form Shyv at this point in the game will depend on whether you’re building AP or AD Tank & the matchup.

Early Dragon Form

During this phase of the game Shyvana changes from a weakling to a beast. In Dragon’s Descent at level 6 you are much tankier than most squishy champions, but you deal a pretty decent amount of damage in dragon form. Failing to get yourself a lead during this stretch is one of the main ways you will lose as Shyvana. You NEED to get a few kills & farm up consistently during this point of the game to give yourself a nice lead. Remember, your team was essentially playing 4v5 up until this point, you need to make your presence felt!

How to Dominate With Early Dragon Form

1. Find over extended champions and destroy them, mix your Flame Breath with auto attacks (don’t forget to use Twin Bite!), get in melee range and beat them up.

2. Like I said, you are tankier than you think during this period, especially if you use my build. Beat them up, make them fear you, steal their farm, and take every objective you can.

If this sounds fun to you then Shyvana might be your champ.

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