Simone Biles Was Bitten by a German Shepherd

  • In a new post on Instagram Friday, Simone Biles revealed that she was recently bitten by a German Shepherd.
  • The 24-year-old Olympic athlete shared a video that gave followers a look at her wound and explained that she had to get a tetanus shot as a result of the incident.
  • Still, it’s worth noting that Biles made it clear that she had a lot of experience around German Shepherds and that she hadn’t dealt with anything like this before. “I’ve grown up my whole life with german shepherds and never got bit,” she wrote in a caption on her Instagram Story post. “This dog at the farm just said NOT TODAY.”

Simone Biles is sharing a pretty scary personal story.

The 24-year-old Olympic gymnast took to her Instagram Story on Friday to share about an intense encounter she had with a German Shepherd recently. Biles revealed that she was recently bitten by a German Shepherd who, in her words, “just said NOT TODAY.”

Biles shared a video that gave followers an up-close and personal view of her injury, which included a pretty big wound on her index finger as well as some smaller scrapes and cuts.

simone biles dog bite

(Image credit: Instagram)

“German shepherds don’t play,” she wrote in large typeface on the video, setting up clearly what happened for viewers.

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