Single Sign On to Multiple WordPress Sites Managed by The Hub

As more and more of you manage more and more sites via The Hub we’ve got some super big things in the works, starting with single sign on (SSO) goodness.

Take a look through the documentation now or read on for a more narrative version, to ask any questions and all that jazz.

Essentially, if you choose to opt-in, you can now go straight from WPMU DEV to your WordPress admin area, without needing to enter your username or password, saving you vast amounts of time and annoyance.

And we don’t even store your username or password details, so your site is secure and safe.


How Do I Get Started?

Well, first up you’ll need to make sure your WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin is up to date (although of course, it should already be because you’ve either got it set to auto-update or you have Automate set up to take care of that… if you haven’t already then please do!).

Then, in your WP Admin area visit “WPMU DEV > Settings” and turn it on 🙂

Turning on Single Sign on in WPMU DEV
It doesn’t get much easier than that

Now, whenever you log into The Hub you’ll be able to jump to the WP Admin area of your site without having to log in.

Is It Safe & Secure?

Absolutely, because we’re using the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin which securely communicates with WPMU DEV we don’t need to know or save any of your credentials (we do the same with credit cards).

So, while there are absolutely no plans to go there… were we to suffer a security incident then all of your passwords (and payment methods) would be completely safe.

And to be even more secure, you should turn on 2 Factor Authentication (using Google Authenticator) for your WPMU DEV account too, just visit your account page and scroll down a little.

Hub account settings page - 2FA enabled.
Activate Two Factor Authentication from your account settings page.

And of course, you should also be using Defender to protect each of your sites with 2FA too, adding in yet another layer of security.

How About Adding New Sites?

As you know we’ve been working super hard to give you the easiest possible ‘getting started’ experience when you add a new site to WPMU DEV and now, this is an option as part of that 🙂

All you need to do is tick the box.

Couldn’t be easier 🙂

What’s Next?

We have made (and will continue to make) many improvements to The Hub – so you should expect to see a whole bunch of features that will make managing multiple WP sites vastly easier, quicker, and more enjoyable.

Please take a look at the roadmap to find out more and, of course, feel free to ask us anything in the comments.