Soonow is HYT’s Newest Skull Watch

HYT H0 Soonow Skull Watch Fluid 5

HYT wants to seize the moment with its new skull watch, a ravishing timepiece called Soonow. Full of symbols of the relentless passing of time, the new HYT skull model is an artistic and original experience for time keeping. It’s a modern ‘memento mori’ reminder that only HYT could have made, pushing us into trying to live life to the full.

Powered by a mechanical movement based on fluid flowing through a skull shaped capillary, the Soonow displays the flowing of time for real. It uses the liquid itself to tell the time, with hour indicators set withing the watch’s crystal. The hour numerals are printed in letters at the outside of the skull. There are no minutes displayed.

HYT H0 Soonow Skull Watch Fluid 4

The watch boasts a sculptural and highly graphic sapphire dome, which offers a different perspective on the watch. Underneath seats the dial, which is more a 3D representation of a skull than the dial that most of us are used with. The skull was crafted as a perforated titanium plate on which there are 300 gold pins put together and representing the skull.

The left eye shows the seconds and the words soon and now alternating every 30 seconds. The right eye shows the power reserve as a ‘dead or alive’ display. The 48.8 mm case comes in plain or DLC coated steel, with each version counting no more than 25 pieces.

The fluid that shows the passing of time is either green or blue, with the transparent liquid representing the time passed. The caseback showcases the complex mechanical movement which powers the fluid module. The movement is a 4Hz and has a power reserve of up to 65 hours. The watch comes with a rubber strap and titanium folding buckle and its price tag rises to a cool $75,000.

HYT H0 Soonow Skull Watch Fluid 3

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