Spyker Launches Exclusive Timepiece Collection

The Dutch sports car maker Spyker has just revealed its timepiece collection to celebrate the brand’s participation in the famous 24 hour endurance race from Le Mans. The Spyker chronographs were designed and engineered by renowned watch and luxury goods expert Thierry Chaunu of Expression D’Artistes International.

These exclusive watches will be available in solid 18K grey or rose gold finishes, each of which being produced in a limited run of 250, or in polished steel or matt black titanium finishes, each of them being limited to a run of 1,000 each.

The Spyker timepieces will come with quilted leather bracelets that will be available in Dutch Spyker Orange, Black Anthracite or Blanc de Blanc white. The bracelets are hand stitched in France using Dutch Hulshof leather, the same leather used for the interior of Spyker supercars.

The bezel carries Spyker’s Latin Motto “Nulla Tenaci Invia Est Via” (for the tenacious no road is impassable), with the crown replicating the company’s wire-spoke and propeller hood badge, the push buttons resembling Spyker exhaust pipes and the the steel dial with gauges indicating the time replicates the car’s dashboard.

Prices for the Exclusive Spyker Timepieces start from $9,750 and can go up to $30,500.


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