Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly [Ultimate 2022 List]

Making a little extra money every month is always helpful. But, finding ways to make extra income quickly can be a challenge on the web. Instead of sifting through survey sites and starting accounts to see what they’re about, we’re here with a list that you can count on.

Below, we’ve got a look at how getting paid with online surveys works followed by a list of the best online surveys that pay cash instantly. Taking surveys is simple and is something that you can do on your way to work, while you’re at home relaxing, or even on the weekend whether you need money desperately or just want to boost your savings.

Read to learn the best surveys that pay cash, how much money you can make completing surveys, the minimum payout, and much more.

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Getting Paid with Online Surveys

Before we get to the best surveys that pay cash instantly, let’s first take a look at how you can get started. You can get everything up and ready to go in just a few simple steps, having extra money in your pocket to spend however you like.

1. Pick a Survey Site

Before you do anything, you need to pick a survey site. Finding paid surveys that work well for you is key to reaching your goals and learning how surveys can work for you. If you’re worried about picking a site, don’t be, we have a list coming up that will give you all you need to choose one (or many!) and get started in no time.

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2. Create an Account

Once you find survey sites that work for you, you need to create an account. To create your account, you’ll have to provide your name and email as well as confirm your email too. Account creation is quick but, you may have to create a profile first. You should answer all questions for your profile thoughtfully and truthfully.

Websites that offer surveys for money will match you with surveys based on your answers, which is why you should take some time on them. You’ll likely get better surveys and qualify for more in the future if you take some time to fill everything out mindfully.

3. Take Surveys

Most survey sites will send you a list of paid surveys that match your answers that you can start whenever you like. Some give you options to search around on your own and choose the paid surveys you want to partake in. No matter the type of site you’re using, get in there and start taking a few surveys, letting the money roll in.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one site, taking surveys across many so that you can maximize your earning potential.

4. Pick your Payment

Depending on the survey site you’re using, you’ll have a list of accepted payment methods to choose from. Choose a payment method that works for you and pays out quickly like e-wallets and other methods.

Most of the time, the site will let you in on their payment methods offered and the amount of processing time you can expect too. Be sure to give it a look before you withdraw, knowing exactly how long you can expect it to take to get cash in hand.

Some sites will offer the ability to earn free gift cards while others might offer instant cash – the key is to know which method you prefer and the minimum payout threshold for each platform.

5. Withdraw!

Now all that’s left to do is withdraw your cash. When using surveys that pay cash instantly, you shouldn’t have to wait long until you have cash in your hand.

Getting started taking paid surveys and getting cash fast is simple and you can do it from virtually anywhere. Just be sure to double check the minimum payout threshold to get a better idea on how much work you’ll need to complete before you start answering surveys.

Now that you know how to get started, let’s take a look at our top picks for the best survey sites where you can get started today.

Top Survey Sites that Pay Cash Instantly

If you’re looking for surveys that pay cash instantly, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve got a list of survey sites with a reputation for paying fast and giving those looking to make some extra cash more than a few options. Sign up is quick, starting surveys is fast, and the payout is unlike any other you’ll find on the web.

Survey Junkie

As soon as you have $10 in your account, you can withdraw cash, and it won’t take long until you do with Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie is a top survey site that offers bonuses when you sign up and create an account. Plus, they offer a number of branded surveys, though most of them you have to qualify for (which is super easy to do!).

When you sign up, you’re asked a series of questions, all of which are geared toward finding the best surveys for you and your interests. Even if you’re not selected to take surveys that pay, you’ll still gather up some points, able to use them to earn more cash as you stack them up. Once you have cash in your account to withdraw, you can do so via a number of payment methods, the fastest being PayPal and transfer to a debit card.  

Survey Junkie offers some higher paying surveys compared to other options with the ability to make up to $50 per survey. But it doesn’t stop there. Survey Junkie also offers online focus groups that can net you up to $150 in PayPal cash. You can check out these Survey Junkie hacks to maximize your income.

Once you register you’ll want to make sure you confirm your email so you don’t miss out on the surveys that pay the most. Register with the link below to get started!


InboxDollars has been around the web for more than 20 years, paying out more than $59 million to members. They have a ton of companies that work with them, which means more chances to make extra money for you. Take surveys that take just a few minutes or sit back and get ready to answer some intense questions if you have the time.

Surveys pay out anywhere between $0.50 and over $30.00, and the minimum you need in your account to withdraw is just $5.

They payout to PayPal, ePayments, and even checks, though they will not pay you instantly. The best method to get your hands on your cash fast is an e-wallet or ePayment, both of which InboxDollars accepts.

InboxDollars allows you to take surveys that pay cash as well as getting paid to watch videos and shopping online. InboxDollars is a legit survey site that is certainly worth registering for.

Need another reason to register? They offer a completely free signup bonus of anywhere from $5 to $10 in free money. Use the link below to claim your free cash!

After signing up, check out these InboxDollars hacks to grow your income.


Swagbucks came into the mix back in 2005 and has since then paid out over $300,000,000 in cash. They have a long list of surveys that you can sign up for to see if you qualify. The majority of the paid surveys take about 20 minutes and require that you qualify for them first before you take them.

The best way to use Swagbucks is to answer a lot of questionnaires and see what you qualify for, taking all that you can and starting over again when you have some free time.

Swagbucks was one of the first online survey sites to offer payouts with PayPal, something that caught the attention of many that were looking to get paid instantly. Since they’ve been in the business of paying out fast since they hit the market, they have the system worked out and will get you your cash in hand faster than many other sites out there.

With Swagbucks not only can you make money taking quick paid surveys, but you can also earn money when you watch videos, shop online, or play games.

Swagbucks is a legitimate survey site you can use to earn money in your free time. It is one of the most reliable survey sites available with a low minimum payout.

When using the link below you can claim a free $5 signup bonus to get free money.

Don’t forget to review these Swagbucks hacks before starting!

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys offers its members surveys of all different lengths, some of them paying out anywhere from $0.50 to $1 per survey. Though the pay is low, the surveys are quick and offer users a way to start earning cash quickly without having to leave their homes. As long as members have $10 in their account, they can withdraw their funds, which are sent to them in the form of cash almost instantly. They have a referral program and even have promos on-site that offer members more chances to earn money and reach the minimum payout.

 As far as customer reviews, they have earned a score of 4.3 stars on the top review website Trustpilot, which has deemed them both legit and safe to use. Because it’s a popular survey site, all members are encouraged to sign up for surveys as soon as they are available, getting access to them before they’re gone.  

Pinecone Research

Unlike other surveys sites out there, Pinecone Research doesn’t come with a minimum fee for withdrawals. They offer a simple system to sign up and start taking surveys, as well as a quick turnaround when it comes to getting the cash you earned in hand. They also do things a little different when it comes to qualification for surveys too, asking you to fill out a questionnaire and matching you with surveys that you qualify for.

That takes more of the busy work away from you and allows you to just focus on taking surveys and increasing the money in your account.

Most of the surveys that you can find here take anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes and pay between $0.5 and $3. There is no requirement to open up an account or to keep it open, allowing you to log in and start taking surveys whenever you like.  

If you’re looking for survey websites that pay cash instantly with no minimum payout limit, Pinecone Research is a great option to boost your income. This paid survey company is a great way to get fast money deposited directly into your PayPal account or bank account. Register below to get started!

Register Now!

Opinion Outpost  

To become a member of Opinion Outpost, you’ll first have to sign up and complete a profile. From there, you’ll get access to a dashboard where you can check out your available surveys and the cash you’ve earned from them over time. They have a ton of survey opportunities, some of which members can choose themselves and start taking them. Others are emailed based on the user’s profile, where they can click it and answer a few questions.

To get cash fast, members only have to have $10 in their account. From there, they can get their cash over to their PayPal account, which is available for instant access. Though Opinion Outpost doesn’t always email when surveys come up, they do have them up and posted online where you can access them and start taking them in no time. They are short in length and may take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete until you’re on to another one to increase your cash flow.

The average survey from Opinion Outpost won’t take long to complete and you can earn up to $25 per survey making it worthwhile. (This mean taking fewer surveys to earn the same amount!)

Taking online surveys with Opinion Outpost is a great way to earn instant cash in your spare time. Register with the link below to get started!


LifePoints is free, easy to use, and is used by more than 5 million users to make some extra cash. To date, they’ve paid out a whopping $22 million, all of which was thanks to taking online surveys. In order to start taking surveys, members have to fill out a questionnaire first. Then, the company will match members with the surveys they have available, collecting points for each qualifying survey that they complete. The points system for each survey is different, ranging from 60 up to 350.

Once the amount in a member’s account hits the minimum payout of $10, they can initiate a transfer, which gets transferred to their PayPal account instantly. From there, members can log in again, checking their dashboard for surveys and participating in them so that they can earn more cash to withdraw.

Register now!


If you’re looking for a truly instant payout without having to do anything on your end, Toluna is the survey site for you.

As soon as you finish with a survey, the funds you earn will go straight to your PayPal account. They have a long list of promotions and sweepstakes where members can score points and earn up to $4,500 when they get 500 points or more.

The range of the types of surveys you’ll find on Toluna is one of the main reasons why users choose this paid survey site for their survey taking, getting access to both long and short surveys throughout the day. Members can log in easily and start taking the surveys that they are qualified for, enjoying the convenience of taking surveys when they find it convenient and they have the time.

If you’re looking for instant cash when completing surveys –Toluna is the perfect option for you.

Register Now!

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Account creation for PrizeRebel is quick and qualifying for a survey is simple. They are a bit more limited when it comes to branded surveys, something that survey takers should note before sign up. Still, as long as you add your PayPal credentials you can be signed up and ready to go, getting paid to your account instantly.

Many of the surveys that they offer are short and to the point, allowing you to take several in your free time. Though the payouts are small, you can get through many in a day, letting your funds keep increasing. In addition to earning cash, you can also earn points that add up to cash or free gift cards to some of the top online stores on the web.

If you’re looking for surveys that pay fast – PrizeRebel is a great option.

Vindale Research

The one downside that you’ll find with this survey site is that they have a minimum payout amount of $50. Still, if you’re logged in and taking surveys, you can get up to $50 pretty quick with most surveys. Once you do have $50, you won’t have to worry about processing times, getting paid instantly.  

The platform is simple to use and every time a survey is up and ready to take, you’ll get a notification so that you can check it out. If you can take it, simply log in to your account and get to work, taking a simple survey that will take you just a few minutes.  

This survey company allows you to earn PayPal money instantly every time you complete surveys in your free time.

Update: Vindale is no longer in operations. You can use other survey sites to make money.

Ipsos I-Say

I-Say has so many companies connected with them that the opportunities to log in and start taking surveys to earn cash are endless. You can use their online platform or use their downloadable app, which I compatible with both iPhone and Android. Some of the surveys are lengthy and offer a chance to really dig in and make some cash if you dedicate the time.

Instead of working by cash earned, they work off of points and will allow you to withdraw your earnings instantly once your account has 500 or more. 500 points average out to about $5, which you can make quickly the more surveys you take. When compared to other survey sites out there, I-Say from Ipsos had a success rate of over 17%, which beats out many of the averages. The key to scoring cash is to log in often and see what they have to offer, getting your hands on some of the top picks.

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Analysis about the company has shown that they have paid out nearly $300 million to users. They are owned by the same company that runs Swagbucks, which is why they have a reputation for being a solid survey site that pays well and offers a ton of opportunities to make money fast.

When you create an account, you’ll score $10 free in your account, able to start off on the right foot to earning cash with paid online surveys.

They offer more ways to earn money than just surveys, though it’s the online surveys that have gotten them on the map.

They have a low minimum withdrawal amount that users can easily get to if they start taking surveys often and even have a points system where you can score more than just cash for logging in and building up points over time. They have a high rating for a reason, with many satisfied customers and plenty of users who have earned money with them.  

While many survey companies make it somewhat difficult to find instant pay surveys – MyPoints is here to help. Register with the link below to claim your free $10 signup bonus!

Register Now!

Survey Club

 Survey Club hit the market in 2005, putting a bit of a spin on the typical survey sites. Instead, they allowed users to participate in research projects and studies, which paid much more. They don’t have any kind of points system and just pay based on the number of surveys you take and the amount of time you spend answering questions toward the study or the research you’re involved in.

Even if you’re not logged in and looking for surveys, Survey Club shoots out emails when there are available studies and research that you qualify for. The ultimate goal is to take a few every day, as that will get your income up and running and allow you to take out cash faster. There are no charges for sign-up and no fees no matter how many surveys and studies you participate in, making it the perfect way to earn extra income.

Cash Crate

Since 2006, Cash Crate has been in the business of helping members make money online. Through the help of surveys and reward programs, and referrals, they offer their members many chances to earn extra income, which they can cash out quickly. In 2019, they got a whole new look and feel, which brought about a long list of new opportunities for those looking for supplemental income. It’s easy to use and sign up takes little to no time, something that all will surely love.

Surveys pay out $1 to $5 and members can take as many as they can get their hands on. They have to keep their eyes on their email, getting access to new surveys that will earn them cash. Payouts are accessible as long as there is at least $20 in the account, which is instantly paid out when the member chooses. If you’re ready to get cash in just one week of taking surveys, Cash Crate could be the site you’re looking for.


MindMover deals with consumer products, allowing users to log in and take surveys that count toward helping the brand improve. They are another huge survey site that pays their survey takers instantly, allowing them to earn cash each and every day. Surveys pay out anywhere from $0.50 to $2 and withdrawals are permitted as long as they are over $20. Surveys are mid-length and generally take about 15 minutes to fill out.

You can either find surveys on your own or check your email for opportunities, though they do fill up fast. You can choose to take surveys and get paid quickly if you use PayPal, as they transfer instantly when you choose to withdraw.

Though it might take you a bit to pile up cash, you have access to tons of surveys that you can get your hands on anytime day or night from your smartphone or computer.


Qmee has no minimum payment requirements and costs nothing to get started. Creating an account is simple and members can earn cash and gift cards just for taking surveys and polls. There is no minimum to withdraw cash and earnings are made available instantly when withdrawn to some payment methods. Qmee has been around since 2011, following in the footsteps of some of the biggest names out there in surveys. They surely did their homework and came into the market with a bang.

In order to score surveys that earn cash, members first have to complete a profile. It’s encouraged to be truthful and answer as closely as possible so that there is a good match between members and their surveys. The more honest you are, the more surveys you’re likely to score. As far as surveys go, they cover a wide range of topics, including politics, finance, and even banking.  

Forthright Surveys

Forthright Surveys is a survey site that gathers up potential surveys, shoots out an email, and allows members to sign up for them. For that reason, getting your hands on a survey takes patience and checking your email often. Though it could be a challenge to get in at times, you’ll have plenty of opportunities, especially when it comes to building up cash that you can take out instantly.

Anyone can sign up for free and create an account to start getting in on the action. Members will want to get their hands on surveys as fast as they can, letting them pile up in their account to use toward their withdrawable balance. Payouts are usually somewhere between $1 and $5 and all funds are transferred directly to the member’s PayPal account where they can be used instantly. There is not much fuss with this survey site, though it can be difficult to score surveys sometimes.

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Surveys Alternatives That Don’t Pay Cash

While completing PayPal surveys is the optimum way to earn money – there are a few sites that don’t offer cash but other rewards instead. You can earn points by completing market research that can be redeemed for rewards.


If you don’t need a PayPal payment from your market research efforts, RewardSurvey is the best option to earn points that can be redeemed for some pretty sweet deals.

Plus, you’ll get a free signup bonus that is worth $30 with the link below!

How To Get the Most Bang Out of Your Buck

If you’ve looked up how to make money online by taking surveys before, you probably know that it’s not so simple. Many users out there have commented that it’s not an efficient way of making money and that it takes a long time to add up. While there is some truth to that, we’re here with some tips on how you can maximize your income by taking surveys.

1. Don’t Just Choose One

A lot of survey takers think that one website is enough. However, because the return on most sites is so low, it’s hard to really make a good amount with just one website.

Instead, it’s recommended to create accounts with a few, trying to score as many surveys during your downtime as you can. Don’t add too many at one time though, making sure you don’t get overwhelmed with emails and notifications when surveys are available.

2. Mix it Up

Some survey sites will only allow you to fill out a profile before connecting you with potential surveys that you qualify for. Others will allow you to choose, though many of them fill up fast. When looking for ways to diversify your online income from taking surveys, it’s a good idea to mix it up. Choose a few of each type to start with, finding what you like best and which method fits your goals.

3. Be Quick

When it comes to survey sites that shoot out mass emails when surveys are available, you need to be quick. That means making sure that you’re connected and checking your email and updates often. The faster you can log in and sign up for a spot, the higher your chances are of scoring good-paying surveys. You might want to allow notifications, as you can score alerts and claim your spot to take surveys quickly.

4. Be Patient

Though it might seem frustrating at first, just like everything else, you’ll get the hang of it. So before you delete all of your accounts and give up the opportunity forever, be patient and really give it a chance to see if it is right for you. If not, you don’t have to continue, and can look for other methods of earning extra income.

5. Have Fun

The opportunity to make some extra cash while you’re at home is a dream come true for most. That means no office, no dress clothes, and no running from one place to another. When you give online surveys a try, it’s recommended to just go with it and have some fun while you’re at it, knowing that you’re earning money in the process.

6. Use Other Methods

While completing online surveys is one of the most obvious ways to earn cash, you can also make money on some platforms by playing games, watching videos, and more to get your PayPal payment.

By using other methods you’ll also reach the minimum payout much quicker.

7. Take Surveys that Pay Cash

There are many paid survey sites that don’t offer actual cash. Some of them will offer gift cards or other rewards. You want to find fast cash surveys like the ones on Survey Junkie or Pinecone Research to get the money you want.

8. Keep Track of Your Earnings

When taking surveys that pay instantly you might lose track of PayPal payments making it difficult to know which sites are working best for you.

Earn Money Fast Taking Surveys

Is “Instantly” Really Instant?

When finding sites that pay instantly, you may find that many out there claim to payout instantly but, don’t actually do so.

“Instant” should be taken lightly and not thought of as automatic for most survey sites. Though there are some that will process the surveys that you took and instantly fund them to your account, not all of them are that way and take some action from you.

For instance, some survey sites come with a minimum that you have to reach before you’re allowed to withdraw. That amount is only available to you when you reach that amount, and will require that you process a transfer. On top of reaching a minimum, members of survey sites should also consider some other key things when choosing a survey site.

For starters, the payment method makes a difference. Bank transfers and transfers to personal credit or debit cards could come with processing times, which would mean it’s no longer instant. Instead, most survey sites payout to PayPal instantly, which will credit to your account for use immediately if you have a card connected.   

Be sure to check the terms of the platform to understand if they pay instantly or not.

How Much Money Can I Make Completing Surveys?

If you’re looking to get money in your bank account fast – using PayPal surveys can be a good way to get some quick money.

While there are some survey scams out there, the sites on this list are reputable ways to earn PayPal cash in your spare time.

So how much can you make?

The answer ultimately will depend. A few sites offer an assortment of methods to make money like playing games, watching videos, or completing market research. These sites can enable you to make more money and reach the minimum payout limit faster.

Surveys that offer instant PayPal payouts can earn up to $50 per survey in some cases. But by register with sites that offer a lucrative signup bonus – you can earn much more.

Final Thoughts on the Best Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly

If you’re looking for survey sites that payout instantly, choose any one of our top 17. All of them offer opportunities to start earning cash today, no matter how much time you have. While some allow you to pick and choose, others come with a profile that you have to fill out. To get the most bang out of your time on the web, it’s recommended to sign up for a few different survey sites, trying to get your hands on as many as you can to start earning instant cash fast.

Getting in and signing up takes little to no time at all and starting to earn extra cash while you’re at home or enjoying downtime is possible thanks to paid surveys. If you start today, imagine how much you could be collecting in only one week, getting it right into your account so that you can use it for whatever you need. There is some method to the madness, so be sure to check our tips and consider them so you can get the best return on your survey taking.

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