Swarovsky-studded Luxury Furniture from Bretz

The German furniture makers from Bretz unveiled their latest creations: sofas, long stools, swivel armchairs and round stools handmade and upholstered in stunning yellow leather that is not only sunshine bright but it also sparkles as well because they bejeweled these furniture pieces with Swarovski crystals.

This opulent furniture could bring a big dash of color and style to any living room and will surely be a focal point of your house.  The German manufacturers are well known for their flamboyant style and avant-garde pieces and this new luxury furniture line from them is brash, full of character and just screams “look at me”.

The theatrical eccentricity of this stunning yellow furniture is amazing but it’s also available in a whole host of colors and styles. You can find out more information about this furniture by visiting  Bretz.


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