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Sweatpants were made for cozying up on the couch (and occasionally going to the gym), but they’re so much more than that. This closet staple doesn’t have to look frumpy: Not only are there form-fitting options that make them look stylish, but there are numerous ways to style your joggers, even your slouchiest pair, that will make you look and feel like a fashion icon. So, as your residential sweatpants expert (and yes, I am wearing sweatpants right now), trust me when I tell you this: Whether you’re looking for a chic, business-appropriate fit, want a sportier feel, or are looking for something that can take you from the couch to a mimosa-laden brunch, sweatpants are an option. These outfit ideas will forever change your sweatpants game.

1. Modern Day Ballerina 

Sweatpants Styling Ideas: Outfits You Can Wear From the Couch to Brunch

(Image credit: Bridget Burns)

My 10-year-old self would have loved this look as much as my 28-year-old self does. I can’t tell if it’s the punk-esque Miu Miu ballet flats or the bubble-gum pink joggers that I’m drooling over more but, either way it’s all being added to my virtual shopping cart ASAP. Lean into the ballet vibe and top off these sweats with a knit bralette and a coordinating wrap knit top for a sweet (and a lil’ bit sour) look.

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