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  • Upgrade your phone after just 12 monthly payments or when you’ve paid off 50% of the device with T-Mobile JUMP!
  • Get free or discounted devices through one of T-Mobile’s current promotional deals when you switch to T-Mobile or add a line
  • Upgrade your phone up to once per month with JUMP! On Demand
  • Trade in your current phone for a credit toward a new device

T-Mobile offers its customers plenty of ways to get the best and latest devices. The company has a couple of programs that allow customers to upgrade their devices either every 12 months or up to once per month as they pay off their device. Both new and existing T-Mobile customers can trade in their devices to get discounts toward a new one. Depending on the device you’re trading in, you may be eligible for a credit of hundreds of dollars.

T-Mobile upgrades

It used to be the case that cellphone customers would pay a discounted upfront rate for their phone. Then, at the conclusion of a two-year contract, they were eligible to upgrade their device. Plans look a little different now — rather than buy the phone upfront, cellphone providers lease their phones in exchange for monthly payments. And once you’ve paid the full cost of the phone, it’s yours. 

By default, these payment plans usually result in the phone being paid off in 24 months. But customers now have more flexibility as to when they upgrade. 

Can you upgrade your phone early with T-Mobile?

You don’t necessarily have to wait the full two years (or until your phone is fully paid off) to upgrade to a new one. Instead, T-Mobile has a program available to all customers on a payment plan for their phone.

What is T-Mobile JUMP?

T-Mobile JUMP! is a program that allows new and existing postpaid customers to trade in their T-Mobile device after they’ve paid off at least 50% of its cost. Most customers will be eligible to upgrade under the JUMP! program as often as every 12 months, once they’ve paid off half of their phone. 

But for customers who choose to pay down their device sooner, they can upgrade as often as once per month by joining JUMP! On Demand. T-Mobile customers can enroll in JUMP! or JUMP! On Demand by calling 800-T-MOBILE.

T-Mobile upgrade deals

In addition to its standard upgrade and trade-in programs, T-Mobile has some special promotions going on for the best Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones.

  • Customers can get a free iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini when they join and trade in an eligible device. Eligible devices include many earlier iPhone models. Customers can also get up to $950 off an iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • Customers can get a new smartphone for each new line on their plan without a trade-in. Eligible phones include the T-Mobile REVVL, Motorola moto e, Samsung Galaxy A11, and LG Aristo 5. 
  • Customers can get 24 monthly bill credits when they purchase an eligible Samsung Galaxy 5G phone and activate two-plus lines.
  • Customers who buy an iPhone 11 and add a line to their plan can get a second iPhone 11 free.

How does T-Mobile’s trade-in program work?

Like many other carriers, T-Mobile allows customers to trade in their current device, regardless of whether they got it through T-Mobile or another provider. The company doesn’t currently offer cash for old devices, but you can get credit toward a new phone.

T-Mobile’s trade-in program is available to both new and current customers, and you can use it when you’re activating a new line or upgrading the device on a current line. A trade-in can help you to save hundreds of dollars on a new device, making it easier to upgrade to the latest phone. Unfortunately, not all old devices are eligible for trade-in. You can use the trade-in tool on T-Mobile’s website to get an estimate of the trade-in value of your current phone.

T-Mobile trade-in values

Customers can get a credit toward a new device when they trade in their current phone. While the value varies depending on the type and condition of the phone you have, you may be eligible for credits of up to $500+.

How to trade in your phone at T-Mobile

Are you considering trading in your phone at T-Mobile? You can start by visiting the company’s website to get an estimate of the trade-in value of your current phone. Type in the make, model and condition of your phone and you’ll receive a quote. You can trade in your device in one of two ways:

  • Trade in your phone at a T-Mobile store. You can turn in your old device and receive credit toward a new one.
  • Trade in your phone online. Using My T-Mobile, existing customers can trade in their devices from home by printing a shipping label and sending in the old device. You have 30 days to send in your old device after your new phone is shipped.

Keep in mind that trade-ins are final. Once you accept the trade-in credit for your new phone, T-Mobile will not allow you to get your old device back if you change your mind.

The bottom line

T-Mobile offers plenty of ways to make sure its customers always have access to the best and latest phones on the market. Whether you’ve fully paid off your current device or not, there could be a program for you. You can upgrade a device you’ve paid 50% of through the T-Mobile JUMP! program. If you’ve already paid off your device, then a trade-in might be right for you. And depending on whether you’re a new customer or adding a new line to your T-Mobile plan, you may be eligible for a promotion to get an even better deal on your phone.

By Erin Gobler

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