the 1 Tonne Gold Kangaroo Coin

A curious realization, the world’s largest, heaviest and most valuable coin has been unveiled recently by Perth Mint of Australia. The 1-tone coin is made of 99.99% pure gold and it is worth around $55 million according to today’s prices. A kangaroo is drawn on the front of the coin, and the Queen’s profile on the back.

After a creation process that lasted for 18 months, the coin came out with considerable measurements: 80 centimeters in diameter and 12 centimeters in thickness. Ed Harbuz, the chief of Perth Mint declared that he’s proud of beating the previous record of 100 kilograms, also saying that they crafted the coin at this size to make sure the record belongs to them for a long time.

Anyways, only handful of mints would consider embarking on a project of such size, let alone putting it to practice. A list of the previous record holders for the world’s largest gold coin were: Australian Mint, with their 31 kilogram Gold Philharmonic coin in 2004, worth 100,000EUR and Royal Canadian Mint, with their Gold Maple coin in 2007, weighing 100 kilograms and worth CA$1,000,000.


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