The 10 Best Assisted Living Facilities in Louisville, KY

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Louisville

The affordability of senior care in Louisville largely depends on what type of care is needed. According to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey, the average cost of in-home care in Louisville is nearly $500 over the state average, and the cost of nursing home services is roughly $250 over the state average. Louisville is a relatively affordable city for assisted living and adult day care, with the cost for both types of care coming in slightly below the statewide average.

How much does Assisted Living Cost in Louisville?

In Louisville, assisted living costs an average of $3,498 per month, which is about $20 lower than the statewide median of $3,520 per month. In nearby Lexington, the cost of assisted living is roughly $500 more per month, and to the south of Louisville in Elizabethtown, assisted living costs are approximately $700 lower. The most affordable major city for assisted living in Kentucky is Owensboro, where care costs nearly half of what it does in Louisville.  

How much does Home Care Cost in Louisville?

In Louisville, the average cost of home care is $4,290 per month. This figure assumes 44 hours per week of homemaker services at roughly $24 per hour. With home care costs that are nearly $500 more than the state average, Louisville is the priciest major city in the state for home care services.

In Bowling Green, which lies to the southwest of Louisville, home care costs roughly $240 less per month, and in Lexington, which lies to the east of Louisville, seniors pay almost $290 less per month for home care services. The most affordable care is found in Elizabethtown, where home care costs are $858 less per month than in Louisville, and Owensboro, where the median monthly home care cost is $953 less.

How much does Adult Day Care Cost in Louisville?

Adult day care services are relatively affordable in Louisville, coming in roughly $30 less on average than the state median cost of care. Louisville is the second most affordable major city in the state for this type of care, with adult day care services costing an average of about $20 less in nearby Lexington. Bowling Green, Elizabethtown and Owensboro average between $1,560 and $1,962 per month for adult day care.

How much does Nursing Home Costs in Louisville?

Compared to the cost of nursing home care in other major cities in Kentucky, the cost of this type of care in Louisville is near the median. A semi-private room in a nursing home costs an average of $7,087 per month in Louisville, which is almost $250 more than the average for all of Kentucky. Nursing home rates are higher in Elizabethtown and Owensboro, which average about $60 more and $500 more per month than Louisville, respectively. More affordable care is found in Lexington, where nursing home services cost an average of $6,768 per month, and Bowling Green, where seniors pay an average of $6,722 per month.

Financial Assistance Programs in Louisville

Medicaid Program in Louisville

In Louisville, Medicaid provides coverage for some senior care costs for low-income individuals, including limited in-home personal care services and nursing home care. Seniors may also apply for Medicaid Waiver programs to cover other services, including personal care assistance, program coordination, respite care and case management. The state Medicaid plan is an entitlement program, meaning that all seniors who meet the eligibility requirements may receive services.    

Eligibility for Medicaid in Louisville is determined by a number of factors, including family size, level of functioning, income and the federal poverty level. As of 2018, a senior applicant may have a monthly income of up to $2,250, which is equivalent to 300% of the current Federal Benefit Rate, and assets up to $2,000. Some assets are exempt from this calculation, including a senior’s primary residence, vehicle and personal belongings. Some applicants who do not meet income and asset limits may still be eligible for Medicaid services. A Medicaid Planning Professional can provide further information regarding eligibility guidelines.

Other Financial Assistance Programs

The Home and Community Based Services Waiver Program

The Home and Community Based Services Waiver Program provides Louisville seniors with supports to age in place. Some benefits provided by this waiver program include adult day care, homemaker services, environmental and minor home modifications, personal care assistance, home-delivered meals and respite care. Program participants can make their own arrangements for non-medical care assistance, and family members, including spouses, may be hired as caregivers. More information regarding program benefits and eligibility guidelines may be found here.

The Kentucky Hart-Supported Living Program

The Kentucky Hart-Supported Living Program is a state-funded program that provides grants to disabled Louisville residents, enabling them to live independently or in the home of a family member. Program participants may self-direct their care, choosing which supports are most beneficial and who will provide them. Some supports that are covered by this program include homemaker services, home or vehicle modifications, personal care and live-in support. Click here to learn more about this program.

The Personal Care Attendant Program

The Personal Care Attendant Program (PCAP) is designed for Louisville residents who have lost functioning of two or more limbs. This program is consumer-directed, meaning that participants select and manage the care providers of their choosing. Supports covered by PCAP include assistance with the activities of daily living, housecleaning, meal planning and preparation and transportation. More information on PCAP’s eligibility guidelines and benefits can be found here.

The Kentucky Homecare Program

The Kentucky Homecare Program provides a variety of in-home supports for Louisville seniors aged 60 and over who are at risk of nursing home placement, enabling them to age in place. Services that are covered by this program including meal delivery, household chores, minor home repairs, respite care and personal care assistance. In Louisville, services are delivered through the Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency, Social Service Division. For more information and an outline of the eligibility requirements, click here.

More Senior Living Resources in Louisville

Phone Number


Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency HomeCare Program

(502) 266-6084

KIPDA coordinates services for Louisville adults aged 60 and over who are at risk of nursing home placement. The organization determines eligibility for assistance programs and services, including in-home services, transportation services and nutrition programs.

New Directions Housing Corporation


(502) 589-2272

New Directions Housing Corporation provides emergency home repairs and weatherization services for older adults aged 60 and over in Louisville. Some services provided include yard work and cleanup, accessibility improvements and wheelchair ramp installation. Fees are charged on a sliding scale.

Project Warm

(502) 636-9276

Project Warm is a non-profit organization that provides free home weatherization to homes of low-income seniors and veterans. Program volunteers patch holes, install weather strips on doors and seal leaks where air may be getting in or escaping, making homes more energy efficient and reducing heating costs.

ElderServe, Inc.

(502) 587-8673

ElderServe, Inc. provides an array of services to enable Louisville seniors aged 60 and over to live as independently as possible. Some programs and services provided include care management, crime victim services, wellness programs and financial management and guardianship.

Avenue Plaza

(502) 569-3780

Avenue Plaza provides 225 units of affordable housing for seniors in the downtown district of Louisville. In addition to providing monthly rents that are capped at 30 percent of a resident’s income, the site also offers a nutrition program and supportive and referral services.

Blairwood Apartments

(502) 426-0512

Blairwood Apartments of Louisville is a federally subsidized apartment community that offers affordable housing for people 62 years of age or older. This pet-friendly community offers an on-site Service Coordinator, 24-hour emergency maintenance service and controlled access.

For additional information and planning, please read our comprehensive guide to paying for senior care in Kentucky.

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