The 100 Best Halloween Makeup Ideas on Instagram in 2022

Halloween is going to look a little different in 2021. Chances are, you won’t be crammed shoulder to shoulder, jamming out to Monster Mash with your nearest and dearest, bobbing for apples (eek!), or playing that pre-pandemic party game where someone hangs donuts on a string. (Please, no.) So what does that mean for those of us who live for Halloween and the incredible makeup opportunities it brings? It’s a virtual feeding frenzy, honey. Last year, the creatives fled to Instagram to share their spooky glams and amazing FX makeup looks, and this year will go the same way.

We’ve gathered all the inspiration you need to push the limits and rock the most over-the-top looks without being judged. You’ve got the time and the makeup brushes, and we’ve got 100 breathtaking spectacles, whether the category is gruesome-but-gorgeous, startling-but-stunning, or creepy-chic. Halloween 2021 is all about Instagram, and here’s all the beauty inspo you need to rake in those likes.

Table of Contents

1. The Poison Ivy

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