The 11 Best Free Responsive Email Templates for 2021

Your remote employees access their emails through a variety of ways. Responsive email templates make your content display perfectly across all devices, so your employees can read your email distraction free.

95% of respondents to our Global State of Internal Communications Survey for 2020 said email was their most important internal communications channel.  This comes as no surprise: nowadays employees can easily access email using desktop and mobile devices, which makes it ideal for staying in touch with a remote workforce.

Responsive email templates take the tediousness out of HTML email design. Create great-looking content and save time without having to troubleshoot your email templates.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite responsive HTML templates. Each company offers free responsive email templates to help you see what they’re all about, so don’t hesitate to try one yourself!

Of course we’re a bit biased, but we recommend trying ContactMonkey’s free responsive employee newsletter templates. These are super easy to use and import into Outlook, and will give you an idea of what you can create using ContactMonkey’s email template builder. If you’d like to see how our email template builder can improve your internal communications, you can book a free demo:

11 Best Free Responsive Email Templates

It’s always nice to try before you buy. Our list of free responsive email templates gives you a chance to see how each template works with your email content.

1. ContactMonkey

Using ContactMonkey email templates, you can do so much more than just communicate information to your employees (although they’re pretty good at that too!).

ContactMonkey offers free response email templates that will display perfectly across all your employees’ devices. These templates will give you an idea of what ContactMonkey can do for your internal communications:

contactmonkey email templates

You can access our extensive library of professionally-designed email templates and easily customize them using our email template builder. You can have multiple people working on a template simultaneously and watch changes in real time—just like in Goolge Docs.

Include employee feedback options like star ratings, emoji reactions, eNPS surveys, and anonymous comments to learn exactly how your employees are feeling:

You can even use our responsive email templates to gather email metrics like open rate, click-through rate, opens by device and location, and more. Collect data in real-time so you can hone in on the email content your employees like best:

contact monkey analytics

We also provide an Outlook Email Template Design service, where you can provide us with your email idea and our team of professional designers will work with you to bring your Outlook email template to life.

If you’re ready to get started, it’s really easy to get set up with ContactMonkey. Book a free demo to building your own responsive email templates today:

href=”″ >Create Responsive Email Newsletter Templates

2. HTML Email

Whether you want to send responsive email templates daily, weekly or monthly, HTML Email has got you covered!

Developed by San Francisco based Email Designer and Developer, Lee Munroe, HTML Email offers responsive HTML email templates you can use for your employee newsletters.

The templates are equipped with social sharing icons and app store buttons. You can also replace the stock photography in the templates with your own GIFs and company photos. All of these responsive email templates have been tested on all major desktops, devices and email clients with Litmus: templates

With the ContactMonkey plugin, you can use these responsive email templates by simply uploading the HTML file in Outlook.

Note: ContactMonkey readers get 15% off HTML Email templates if they use promo code: monkey15.

3. Email Monks

EmailMonks offer custom design and coding services for emails, newsletters, and landing pages.

They provide free email templates for MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Exact Target, and Marketo.

Their templates are perfect for newsletter emails, automated welcome messages and promotional emails. You can easily import HTML template as a file into your Outlook 365 using ContactMonkey or within any email service provider.

They have more than 25 unique sections you can easily customize.

If you’re looking to find some inspiring newsletter templates for your employee newsletters or create internal company newsletters, definitely check out EmailMonks.

emailmonks templates

4. Dyspatch

Looking for open source email templates? Dypsatch offers numerous templates that you can customize using the Sendwithus Dashboard.

dyspatch templates

Dyspatch’s goal is to make the email template process as easy as possible. They’re email templates are fully responsive, so you don’t have to worry about knowing HTML. They also feature a template builder where you can create your own templates from scratch.

5. Stripo

Stripo is all about helping you send your emails without errors, so naturally they provide responsive email templates (for free). Stripo’s email templates cover a wide range of content topics, and new ones are always being added:

stripo templates

Like many of the templates on this list, Stripo allows users to create their own templates using their email builder. They also have several tools to help users check their emails for errors.

Stripo is great if you’re sending external emails like marketing newsletters. But if you’re sending to an internal audience like your employees, we recommend a dedicated internal communications tool like ContactMonkey. Our tool has features specifically designed for employees—like feedback and tracking—that you can’t get with external tools.

You can book a free demo to learn more about how an internal email builder differs from an external email builder, and decide which is right for you:

Build Amazing Email Templates

Use ContactMonkey for internal communications.


href=”″ >Book Demo

6. Litmus

Litmus is a unique email marketing tool that integrates with your existing email-adjacent applications to improve your sending process. Combined with apps like Slack and Google Drive, Litmus is a great resource for sending external emails.

They feature a template builder and email analytics to help you get the most out of your marketing emails. They also provide some free email templates for you to try:

litmus templates

7. Colorlib

Colorlib offers a wide range of marketing templates for users to choose from. Their responsive email templates cover numerous marketing-related topics, so you can choose which best suits your organization:

colorlib templates

Colorlib’s main focus is on providing users with high-quality WordPress layouts for various businesses. They provide both premium and free versions of their email templates and their WordPress themes.

8. Unlayer

Like Litmus, Unlayer gives users a suite of tools to design and send their marketing emails. Unlayer’s drag-and-drop email designer makes creating stunning marketing emails easy, and they even provide you with some sample templates to give you an idea of what you can create:

unlayer templates

Unlayer also has great collaboration tools so you can work efficiently with your email templates.

9. Email on Acid

Email on Acid is all about helping you send emails error free. They have numerous content checking tools that range from spell-checkers to Campaign Pre-check. They also provide free email templates on their website:

email on acid templates

With Email on Acid, users can send flawless emails and be sure that their content will display correctly for their recipients.

10. MailBakery

MailBakery wants email marketers to send the best possible email newsletters. That’s why they offer numerous responsive email template design options like email coding and mailchimp integration.

Want to try one of their email newsletters before ordering a custom one for yourself? MailBakery sells individual email templates in their webstore. They also offer a selection of email templates for free:

mailbakery templates

11. Chamaileon

Chamaileon provides users with a simple email template builder that lets you build great-looking marketing email. Their responsive templates look great across a wide range of different email clients, so your marketing content always looks great.

Chamaileon has free responsive email templates for download before you try their email template builder:

chamileon templates

Do More With Your Emails

Our hope is that—having tried responsive email templates—you now know how easy they are to set up and use. Your recipients can view your email content across countless devices and email clients, and you can save time and effort when creating your emails.

Using an email template builder, you can create your own email templates to your exact specifications. Email template builders, like ContactMonkey, also let you collect employee feedback and conduct surveys. It’s time to put the power of HTML email to work for your business.

If you’d like to see ContactMonkey’s email template builder in action, you can book a free demo to see how you can optimize your email sending process: 

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