The 12 Spring 2021 Nail Trends, According to Top Manicurists

After forgoing in-salon manicure and pedicure appointments for a year, it’s fair to say that as far as spring 2021 is concerned, nail art, nail color, and nail living is back in full force. During the past year, some of us have embraced and mastered the art of the full-blown at-home manicure, whether it’s with good old fashioned lacquer, or slightly more intricate gel nail kits. Others among us have ventured back into the salon—with our vaccination records proudly in our back pocket—ready to see what our favorite nail artists cooked up during quarantine. Spoiler alert: The designs we’re seeing are optimistic, impressive, and not overly complex.

Below are 12 inspired designs from some of the best manicurists in the country, and most take no more than a bottle of nail polish and a little patience. Whether you want to try a full set of opaque cream coats in varying tones, or you’re ready to get ambitious with stained glass patterns, tortoiseshell finishes, or even tie-dye wonders (!), there’s plenty of inspiration for every level of commitment. Ahead, the 12 best spring 2021 nail designs you should definitely try now.

Springy Pastel Nails

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