The 13 Best Drama Movies of 2021 (So Far)

If the real world isn’t dramatic enough for you—well, first of all, congratulations on either your very high tolerance to IRL drama or on the lack of it in your life. Second, we have your back with some dramas of the movie variety—even if you’ve already streamed your way through all of the best drama film options on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and beyond. From held-over movies from the 2020 slate that never made it to theaters to brand-spankin’-new options fresh on the calendar for 2021 to movies that will be released into actual movie theaters (which already feels like a very vintage thing to have happen, right?) to movies that will be released either simultaneously or solely on home streaming services, the 2021 film slate is full of some truly stellar dramas.

This year saw a gut-wrenching historical dramas, epic romances that will make you feel all the feels, and devastatingly serious stories of the human condition—basically everything a secondhand drama queen or king could want.

‘One Night in Miami’

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