The 13 Best New True Crime Documentaries of 2021

Calling all internet sleuths, cloak-and-dagger conspiracy theorists, and cold case-solving aficionados: We see you, because we are you. For some unknown reason (though psychologists have sneaking suspicions), many of us are obsessed by true crime and the people behind the schemes, from the fraudulent socialites who seize the headlines for all the wrong reasons to the commanders-in-chief conducting sordid Oval Office affairs. And then there are the heinous cases of downright diabolical, cold-blooded killers, which we follow with fervor, both out of fear and fascination.

So, if you’ve already binged your way shamelessly through every available true crime show, we have your brand-new 2021 watchlist. And when your eyes need a break (or you just want to keep your internet browsing history from truly looking like something out of the serial killer’s playbook), plug in to one of our favorite true crime podcasts.

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal (Netflix)

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