The 14 Best Setting Powders in 2022

One of the biggest betrayals in beauty is when the makeup you just spent 25-plus minutes on begins to melt and slide away. There are dry shampoos that suck up extra oil from your scalp and powders specifically made to soak up boob sweat—and for your face, there’s a magic product that keeps your makeup from sliding off your face and onto the sidewalk or worse, your mask: old-fashioned setting powder.

By old-fashioned, we simply mean reliable, because the latest and greatest in face powders are more advanced than ever. Blurring pigments act as DIY Instagram filters. Formulas are infused with soothing skin ingredients that treat your complexion while you wear it. Shade ranges have been expanded, and prices range for affordable buys or luxury splurges. All in all, setting powders have just gotten better ingredient and texture-wise, and we’re thrilled about it. We felt that everyone could use a refresher on the best setting powders out there, from pressed options to pretty loose powders in pots. Here, the very best setting powders for every skin tone under the sun (literally.)

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