The 16 Best Spring Dresses for 2022

The sole reason I get excited about spring is that I can wear a dress again and not catch a cold. After months spent confined to wearing my favorite sweaters, fleece-lined sweatpants and leggings, my legs beg for sunlight and my arms are ready to be bronzed. But…the springtime still feels like we’re very much stuck in the middle of winter. 

Instead of dwelling on this sad, sad fact, though, I’m cheering myself up instead by buying a bunch of warm-weather-approved dresses that will help me get through the end-of-winter blues. By the time that 70-degree weather actually rolls around, my spirits will not only be lifted but my wardrobe will be armed with the season’s finest selection of frocks. From your vacation whites to party-ready florals, ahead are 22 of the best spring dresses to shop right now. And no, not all florals are created equal—which is why I’ve included a few different options on this list.

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