The 18 Best Spring Nail Colors for 2022

There’s no such thing as a nail rubric, but your relationship with spring nail colors is probably fairly predictable: The second winter wraps, you wipe off those dark, moody hues, reach for the prettiest pastel shade on the salon shelf and wear it almost exclusively for the entirety of the season. This spring, add a little variety to the selection—of course, we still love our subtle colors, but branch to creamy bold hues, sparkles, and special top coats for eye-catching fingers.  

At the same time, though, spring is a time to embrace the growth around you to echo the quiet simplicity of the blooms around. A creamy yellow, like the very first daffodils. A cool lilac, like crocus emerging from the newly thawed earth. There’s also shimmery snow white, cherry blossom pink, and the prettiest shades of hyacinth around. Of course, if black nail polish is everything in your book, there are a few moody grays and deep teals here. The spring of 2022 in particular is imbued with a cautious optimism. So let your nails reflect your good feelings. Ahead, the coolest nail polish colors to keep in rotation all spring long.

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