The 20 Best Korean Romance Movies Ever

If you’ve ever watched a Korean drama (a.k.a. a K-drama), be it a series or a movie, you know what it’s like to experience a dozen different kinds of emotions in just a few hours. Things start out slow, then the climax rips your soul apart, then the ending leaves you sobbing from satisfaction or deep in despair over a lack of sequel. No matter the genre, Korean entertainment simply keeps you glued to your screen.

Should you be in the mood for some melodramas, specifically ones with love stories that make you sob your eyes out, we put together a list of recommendations. For anyone who loves rom-coms, especially those of the early ’00s, you’ll find a familiar happiness when you watch Korean romance movies. Like those ’00s favorites, the plotlines aren’t always the most realistic, but the scenes are an emotional roller coaster. Ahead, the best K-romance movies to stream now.

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