The 20 Best Semi Permanent Hair Colors | Temporary Hair Dye

You miss your colorist. You miss going to the salon. And dishing on Love Island. And waffling over the shade of honey or ginger or burnt caramel—or violet!—with which you’ll paint your highlights or dip-dye your tips. You even miss the pungent smell of the chemicals and the slight stinging sensation on your scalp. Us too. But while none of the excellent hair pros we’ve consulted are suggesting you attempt a complete DIY hair color transformation at home, most of them are encouraging a little play and noncommittal experimentation. Enter: Temporary and semi-permanent hair colors. They’re now available in an endless array of at-home formats—from powders to sprays to gels and conditioning masks—to infuse your strands with soft, glossy color. And they promise to eventually shampoo out (some quicker than others). So read up for your match, and don’t forget to DM a pic to your colorist. They miss you, too.

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