The 23 Best Acne Spot Treatments in 2022

When an uninvited guest (hint: a pimple) pops up, we tend to go into panic mode. From DIY classics like tea tree oil to prescription remedies, we’ll do anything to banish that pesky blemish. But when you’re looking for a spot treatment that really works, lean on hero ingredients, like alpha-, beta-, and poly-hydroxy acids, plus hydrating materials that won’t leave your complexion dry and flaky (especially if you deal with sensitive skin). 

Acne treatments come in many forms, with the well-beloved pimple patches taking over our social media feeds, and the ole-reliable drying lotions still putting the work in. The forms have only continued with liquid, cream, and drying formulas helping rid skin of pesky pimples.

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What should I look for in an acne spot treatment?

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