The 23 Best Chelsea Boots for Women in 2022

Chelsea boots are rooted in the Victorian era—the first boot was made by J. Sparkes-Hall for Queen Victoria. The story goes like this: Queen Victoria had requested a pair of boots without laces that she could wear while riding (laces got caught in her stirrups, which, I don’t ride, but sounds annoying?). The original boots were called “paddock” until the ’50s and ’60s when the name “Chelsea boots” came into the picture, thanks to its popularity in the United Kingdom and its association with the King’s Road (a street in the borough of Chelsea in London).

These days, Chelsea boots are beloved by everyone and have become an essential footwear style. So, what makes a Chelsea boot a Chelsea boot? Well, there’s typically a strip of black elastic that extends to just below the ankle, but not all the way down to the sole. The two parts of the boot are made from a single piece of leather (the vamp and the quarters). The vamp and the quarters meet near the ankle, where they are joined by a strip of vulcanized rubber or elastic. Ahead, classic and modern Chelsea boot styles that will make you fall in love with this shoe all over again.

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