The 23 Best Korean Movies on Netflix in 2022

Korean drama addicts know that the only way to satiate one’s appetite for more K-drama content is to either unplug the TV and/or disconnect the Internet so you can’t stream shows anymore. (This seems drastic, I know, but as someone who has watched more than half a dozen K-dramas in just the span of one month, the need for consumption is real.) And I wholeheartedly support your addiction. When you’ve finished making your way through all the Korean shows, tune into some good ol’ fashioned Korean movies. (Bonus: Most Korean movies come in right under that two-hour mark.)

From classics like Train to Busan to newer pieces like Tune in For Love, Korean films, like K-dramas, offer an escape into worlds with intense plot twists and cheesy scenes (which we love). Browse the list of our top Netflix Korean movie recs below, then sit back with some snacks and hit the play button.

Train to Busan

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