The 28 Best Summer Perfumes and Fragrances in 2022

Ah, summer: rosé, picnics, sunsets, crop tops, sunglasses, and breezy warm-weather fragrances. Where winter fragrances are all about cozy notes, summer perfumes capture that feeling of a Capri vacation or the breeze running through your hair. Scent has the power to provide a sense of comfort, and studies have shown that perfume can positively enhance your mood, reduce stress, improve sleep, and aid in self-confidence. That’s why many of us, like silver screen legend Marilyn Monroe, have worn fragrance to bed for years—its mood-boosting powers help us sleep better. 

Basically, there’s no reason not to incorporate this invisible accessory into your routine, even if it’s just worn in the comfort of your home. Look ahead to check out some of our favorite summer scents that are sure to transport you to Bali, the Bahamas, Italy, or wherever your next vacation lies.

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