The 30 Best Adventure Movies of All Time

If you and your significant other are on different ends of the movie-watching spectrum, I have good news. Stellar action and adventure elements can turn a good movie into something really special. Even better, these elements can be found in all sorts of movie genres, from spy thriller to space epic to historical drama to gritty crime story—which means that you might be able to find something on this list you both enjoy, even if superheroes and sci-fi aren’t your thing. Full disclosure: There are definitely a few Marvel/DC films on here, but each film can be enjoyed on its own merits, without an encyclopedic knowledge of comics, sci-fi, or anything else.

These are just a few of the best adventure films in the last 60 years, but each has a cool, distinctive approach to action within plot that makes it entertaining in its own right. Some of these are classics; some may surprise you. Some of them may be outside your wheelhouse entirely. But they’re all entertaining, and in many cases offer you the surprise ending you didn’t know you needed (I tried to avoid big ending spoilers, but if you’d rather not know anything, go watch first). Maybe this’ll be your new fave genre!

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‘Black Panther’

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