The 32 Best Perfumes of 2021 (So Far)

They say scent is the strongest tie to memory, and excuse me if I don’t want to spritz bad 2020 memories on my décolletage every morning. In the spirit of rebirth, it’s time to revamp our signature scent—and with that in mind, perfume companies have started the process of delivering us new fragrances that will color our memories of this time. So what do you want your 2021 to smell like? Perhaps some fresh citrus? A hint of some florals? A dark and moody wood-based scent? How about some champagne? All those notes and more are featured in the below fragrances. As we move further into 2021, you can be sure of one thing: There’s a lot more coming your way. So ring in the new year with some spritzes in your inner wrist and neck. Because isn’t it everyone’s New Year’s resolution to smell good?

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