The 35 Best K-Pop Songs of All Time

BTS, Parasite, BLACKPINK, Squid Game…South Korean content is bigger than ever around the world. Through the Korean wave, or Hallyu, Korean pop culture has become a major driver of global culture, and at the center of it all is K-pop. Every music fan should at least check out the super-genre: K-pop is one of the most innovative forms of music, drawing from sub-genres and eras from around the world to create their own sound. Not to mention, K-pop fans are never bored: idol groups and soloists typically release new music every couple of months, with comebacks bringing massive videos, music show performances, and livestreams for fans. For any K-pop newbie who doesn’t know where to start (’cause it is A. Lot.), here’s your guide to the most essential k-pop songs, from the earliest groups to the latest hitmakers.

“I Know” – Seo Taiji and Boys (1992)

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