The 38 Best Fall Movies Ever | Movies to Watch in Fall

Even though most of us have spent enough time on this good earth to know that fall happens every year without fail, it is still extremely exciting and invigorating to remember sweaters, a pumpkin cream cold brew from Starbucks, and the possibility of not sweating when you’re taking out the trash. As soon as September hits (and Labor Day passes), we pack up our swimsuits, shorts, and beach towels in preparation for the coziest season of them all: fall. Home of the two best holidays on Earth, Halloween and Thanksgiving, the leaf-changing season signals more than just weather shifting in our favor on the horizon. It’s when we go back to school, award season is closer, jeans are embraced fully, and the air is full and so crisp, you wish you could bottle it.

A season like this deserves films to mark the special three-month occasion, and thankfully Hollywood has delivered. From foxes out for revenge and serial killers who help solve mysteries to teen witches who have to save the world, there’s a film for every fall-lover. Below, the best fall films to be enjoyed under a duvet/before gallivanting in some foliage.

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‘Practical Magic’ (1998)

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