The 38 Best Layered Haircuts | Types of Layered Haircuts

Need a haircut, but feeling completely and totally uninspired? We get it, and we’ve been there—that is, until we rediscovered the magical powers of layering. Let it be known that layers aren’t one slice or snip fits all. They come in all lengths, shapes, and silhouettes, and may be adjusted based on the texture of your strands, your face shape, and hair health. Another surprising benefit of layers? Most of the ones included here grow out well—and don’t require fussy touch-ups every few weeks.

Sure, you’ve probably had some layers since you were a preteen, but we’re not talking about the long, blunt, blah layers of middle school. We’re here for the cool, choppy, face-framing layers that turn bobs and ponytails into works of art. And these grown-up kinds of layers grow out imperceptibly, so you won’t have to worry about rushing to the salon to maintain. And while we’re here, we’d like to address the annoying myth that layers are an out-there look that anyone might spot from a mile away.

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