The 40 Best ‘Friends’ Outfits | Iconic Clothes From Monica, Rachel & More

Since its mid-aughts finale, we’ve been on an unofficial break with Friends. But now, in honor of HBO Max’s highly-anticipated Friends reunion—which is bringing together the beloved sixsome on that iconic orange couch for the first time in 17 years—Marie Claire is celebrating, criticizing, and obsessing over the show that was always there for us.

If you grew up on ’90s sitcoms like I did, then you started watching Friends before you could really understand what “WE WERE ON A BREAK!” meant. (If this means nothing to you, I recommend watching some episodes, STAT.) Aside from blessing viewers with some of the funniest moments in TV history, Friends has also given us some of the most memorable fashion moments on the small screen—some of which have never seemed more relevant than in 2021. Think crop tops and knitwear and normcore denim, which are still inspiring our wardrobe choices to this day.

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