The 40 Best Mild Horror Movies | Non-Scary Halloween Movies

In theory, we love to get scared while watching a horror movie. But in reality, we were the person who requested the lights stay on at slumber parties. Even as adults, after watching an especially creepy movie, we swear we sometimes see faces in dark corners and hear strange noises coming from empty rooms. Despite this, we’re not destined to be left out of the Halloween horror movie craze altogether. For those who, like us, can only take so many James Wan movies (Insidious, The Conjuring) before we start to fear the day as much as the night, here’s a list of 35 not-too-scary horror movies. Some are straight-up horror-comedies—with no shortage of thrills. And all are mild enough that even a scaredy cat like me can sleep soundly after viewing.

Practical Magic (1998)

Two witch sisters like to avoid their magical family history at all costs. This includes falling in love. Why, you may ask? Because unfortunately for them, any fool that falls in love with them faces an untimely death. You would think this would stop them from dating, but one sister likes to walk on the wild side, no matter the cost.

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