The 40 Best True Crime Podcasts of All Time

We love true crime here at Marie Claire, but there are some things a Lifetime movie cannot capture. Podcasts are the new frontier of the genre, allowing listeners to go deep on cases, form their own theories, and occasionally even help out the investigators in real time. The best true crime podcasts are ones that say something about society while providing an intriguing narrative, and those are the kind we’ve listed here. We’re all friends here, and by friends, I mean lovers of true crime.

Allow us to present: Our picks of the best true crime podcasts currently available. There’s plenty to binge-listen to on your next long road trip or train ride or just, you know, Sunday.

‘Tom Brown’s Body’

tom brown’s body

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A small town in Texas gets a taste of crime when a popular 16-year-old goes missing the night before Thanksgiving. For two years, no one in the tight-knit community knows what happened to him until his remains are found suddenly. Award-winning journalist Skip Hollandsworth gets down to what happened and why everyone in Canadian, Texas seems to be a suspect.

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